Ferrari Sells More Hybrids than Gasoline in Q3 2023

Q3 Delivered Cars: 51.3% Electrified

“The future is now, old man,” quipped Dewey in the Malcolm in the Middle sitcom. This sentiment certainly rings true for Ferrari, as deliveries of hybrids outsold ICEs in the third quarter of the year. According to an official document presented to investors, 3,188 cars with the fabled Prancing Horse were shipped in July through September – a 271 car increase compared to Q3 2022.

By Q3 of 2023, out of the total volume, 51.3 percent came from hybrids, while only 48.7 percent were gasoline cars. Of Ferrari’s portfolio, nine models were ICEs and four hybrids. An important reminder here is that the Luce Verde (the Italian marque’s first all-electric model) won’t launch until 2025. Still, demand during the third quarter was warmly received by the 296 and SF90 range, both of which are equipped with plug-in hybrid powertrains. These are the first PHEVs to be born from Ferrari, taking into consideration that LaFerrari had no charging port – this could be charged through a battery tender though.

It is uncertain whether this will be standard procedure, as the V12-equipped Purosangue was in its introductory stage. There were further glimpses of an 812 substitute coming up that may also not be augmented with a hybrid system. Nevertheless, Ferrari cannot dodge stricter pollutants laws, so it will have to change accordingly.

Evidently, the future looks electric. By the turn of the decade, Ferrari is anticipating that 40% of cars delivered to customers are going to be sans internal combustion engines. Additionally, 40% are deemed to be hybrids while only 20% remain with conventional ICEs.

While the future might appear bleak for the traditional gas engine, it could be revived if e-fuels become a sustainable option. Earlier this year, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna commented, “ICE still has a lot to do,” further noting that “you can run a car with fuel that is neutral. I believe that the two are very much compatible, and this reinforces our strategy.”

Source: Ferrari

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