Ferrari Unleashes Joystick Steering

Ferrari: Still Letting You Drive.

Good news for technophobes! Ferrari has recently made a patent application to the European Patent Register for a novel way of steering a car using a joystick. Different to their previous patent which aimed at completely removing the steering wheel, this one proposes that, rather than eliminating, it should be maintained to provide drivers with an option to use either the traditional wheel or joysticks.

Why would one want to direct a Ferrari through a joystick, particularly when these cars are known for having some of the finest EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering) systems available? The explanation is related to autonomous driving or, alternatively, Ferrari’s conviction that they will never produce autonomous driving technology. There are no Ferrari autos where you’d have an algorithm operate the control. Even the Ferrari Purosangue SUV has been constructed to be piloted. (At the maximal level, the most that Ferrari is prepared to accomplish in the domain of Autonomous Driving is Level 2.)

Despite this, Ferrari is open about the fact that it needs to produce a better environment for journeys spanning greater distances. That’s why they strive to create a refreshed Ferrari interior, with the emphasis being on driving comfort.

The purported invention in the patent application seems to be similar a Ferrari F12, a vehicle that was created for long distance journeys. It has since been superseded by the 812 Superfast however, it might be outdated now, meaning we could see this technology come into fruition on its replacement. Though, the diagram shown in the patent definitely looks to be the digitalised interior of the SF90 Stradale.

As per Ferrari, the customary wheel and pedal box arrangement is commonly deemed essential and taken for granted. This state of affairs is seen as an issue by Ferrari. Extended utilization of a traditional driving posture can become torturous during protracted journeys, particularly along the motorway where hardly any turning and acceleration are necessary. The esteemed car manufacturer even asserts that it can become dreary.

That is the reason why Ferrari has requested this patent for its new car seats; these allow the motorist to assume a more lax position. This, however, brings with it a distinct hindrance – if you rest in a further back location and recline the chair somewhat, achieving contact with the controlling means becomes almost impossible. This is precisely the scenario which Ferrari seeks to bypass by way of utilizing a joystick as well as several other operations in order to replace the usual operating tools.

Visible in the patent visuals, Ferrari’s proposed seat appears quite comfortable, boasting built-in footrests and hand controls that aid braking and speeding up. These are available to further refine these two manoeuvres, however, they can also be managed through a control panel resembling the throttle in a jet aircraft. It is pushed forward to quicken the pace and pulled back to decelerate.

The spotlight of this presentation is clearly the joystick, which is designed to be swung both left and right; meant for controlling direction. Although we are not wholly convinced in this system, Hyundai has applied for a patent similar to this process. It could be suggested that they aspire to eventually substitute steering wheels in place of game console controllers.

We find the idea stimulating because it surpasses autonomous driving, but it appears to be an answer for a query that was never proposed. Should you feel out of sorts or weary, pause and take some time off. If lavishness or opulence is within your range, the likelihood is that you can yield a staycation in the near five-star accommodation if tedium kicks in. On the other hand, you could get off the freeway and persist with the remainder of your voyage on minor roads where you can maximize the vehicle’s capacities.

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