Ferrari Utilizing Samsung OLED in Upcoming Cars

Italian Supercar Maker Seeks Outsourcing for Non-Essential Parts

For most of us, Samsung is likely renowned for its modern electronics, incorporating LCDs, LEDs, mobiles, tablets, TVs, cinema screens, notebooks, and a great many other items. Away from the realm of consumer tech goods, however, Samsung has a vast deal of other undertakings and is actually a major parts provider to the car industry, delivering infotainment systems, telematics, and sophisticated driver assistance components. For their new partnership, the South Koreans have joined forces with one of the most iconic auto manufacturers.

A Memorandum of Understanding was inked by Samsung and Ferrari to supply OLED technology for forthcoming displays from the Maranello-based enterprise. Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari’s Chief Executive Officer, and JS Choi, CEO of Samsung Display, were both present at a special event held on the Asan campus in Korea, where the deal was finalized.

The luxury industry understands the importance of boosting customer experience, according to Vigna during the event. To reach new heights in the digital space with its upcoming models, the company has partnered with Samsung Display and will be working exclusively on developing custom-made OLED technology displays.

No further information has been released surrounding the freshly-established arrangement and there are no monetary specifics available as yet. Ferrari recently declared that it would begin making use of external providers for components and applications that are not essential, while investing substantially more in electrical power and other technological improvements. The peak of this new approach is anticipated to be attained around the mid-point of this decade, at which stage their inaugural completely electric model should be displayed.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of OLED science, Samsung Display is primed to debut innovative display options to hit Ferrari’s rigorous criteria. We are certain that this venture with Ferrari will provide Samsung, which already excels in the automotive OLED sector, with a stimulating prospect to ascend even more. Our CEO has expressed this confidence.

Source: Ferrari, Samsung

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