Ferrari V12 Hot Hatch: The Purosangue Widebody

Reaction to Removal of SUV Styling Cues

Pogea Racing is the most recent aftermarket contributor to enter the Ferrari Purosangue modifying sector, and much like each other endeavour we’ve seen so far this one is equally as impressive when compared to what originates from the revered Maranello workshop. Or is it? By removing the dull carbon sections surrounding the tyres and lowering the Ferrari Utility Car (which is definitely not a Sport Utility Vehicle, according to Maranello), this shape appears to be more what we all envisioned as the Ferrari Purosangue SUV: a standard and attractive estate wagon.

These visuals we can perceive are apparently nothing more than computer-generated mockups at present, potentially as a result of nobody taking on the challenge of altering this exclusive vehicle, but let’s observe what happens if an intrepid proprietor is willing to disregard tradition when it comes to Ferrari management.

Jules has equipped its product with 23-inch front and 24-inch rear alloy rims, wrapped in Michelin tires to fill out the opulent curves which have been slightly increased in size. Beyond the front guards, a redesigned set of air inlets can be noticed, yet there is no detail on if these will be practical in any way. To complement the widened fenders, the front and aft bumpers have been newly fitted, supplemented with a carbon fiber plate at the front and an optimized carbon diffuser in the back. Additionally, it features a recently installed central exhaust pipe ending in four tips. Also, the rocker panels have been refurbished with carbon extensions in the rear.

Car owners who want the spectacular transformation of a Ferrari wagon have certainly had their sacrifices rewarded in the result of the reduction in ride height done by KW Suspensions. Although KW provides superior quality work on this project, the work that Multimatic has done to develop one of the most sophisticated suspension systems found on factory vehicles is not disregarded lightly. Still, if you are unable to obtain the Bentley 456 Venice GT, such a transition is very much worth it.

Pogea didn’t give away specifics of the internal upgrades yet, but assured that more carbon fiber and leather will be included. No exact data about upgraded performance is available as well, yet they claimed that the usual 715 horsepower from the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine can now reach a maximum of 820 hp thanks to turbocharging – rendering the Purosangue completely different from its initial plan at Maranello.

Pogea Racing has plenty of knowledge when it comes to changing Italian automobiles, for instance the Alfa Romeo, Abarth, and certainly, Ferrari. It is yet to be seen if any of the blessed Purosangue patrons will opt to benefit from this thorough revamping.

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