Fiat 600e Revealed in Official Video

Unexpected Reveal: Introducing the Fiat 600e

The all-new Fiat 600e has finally been unveiled, as the company recently showcased it in a video for the “Not Alone” event that was held two days ago in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. The video gave us a glimpse of the 600e, with people from all over the world getting picked up in it. We were also treated with full views of the car’s interior and exterior, which looks like a significant improvement compared to the 500X that it will be replacing.

The description of the event says, “Let’s open the door, the door of our homes, the door of our hearts, and let others enter and feel at ease, free. We are all different, with different cultures and religions, but we are all brothers and sisters, and we want to live in peace.” In an effort to promote unity and understanding, this message is perfectly suited to be carried by a new electric car. This vehicle has the potential to be the bridge between us all, connecting us through our shared desire for harmony and acceptance.

Only a few months back, the SUV was caught during its first testing round. It is believed that this specimen was a gasoline-powered version of the vehicle as no signs of electric warnings were evident. We anticipate Fiat would introduce both an ICE and an electric model, with this being one amongst two EVs they are likely to launch this year.

Visually speaking, the 600e is not unlike its predecessor, the 500X. They share a related shape and design elements. That said, it is quite distinct, based around the STLA Small platform. For example, models such as the Jeep Avenger and an unnamed Alfa Romeo are slated to arrive soon. The name 600 stands out proudly on the front end, yet one could argue that they might have gone a bit further in taking advantage of this opportunity to really mark the 600e as such. Further evidence of the naming can be seen along its sides and potentially even the back. Pointedly though, the back features only a Fiat emblem.

The front grille generally approximates the 500e, albeit larger, with some extra air vents thrown in. We don’t have any reproof for this; it’s a pleasing amalgam of contemporary elegance and traditional Fiat flourishes, such as the chic fresh renderings of WWII style round headlights.

We are given a few glances into the interior of the 600e, and it appears to be similar to the Jeep Avenger. Consequently, you have a generous floating touchscreen with actual buttons, located underneath for operating essential items such as climate control and, hopefully, volume as well. Additionally, there is a digital, circular instrument cluster.

We are still unaware of any of the details pertaining to the automobile, but it is hypothesized that it will feature the same 400-volt front motor as the Avenger, inevitably meaning 154 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque, which would be sufficient for a lion’s share of driving occasions. It is predicted that it will also be endowed with a 54 kWh battery cell inclusive of a range greater than 200 miles. The petroleum model is likely to be contracted with the 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, creating a mere 100 hp.

The real issue is will there be an American launch? Chances are pretty slim considering Jeep has opted not to bring the Avenger over, however for a company that’s concentrating on selling the 500e, it might just make more sense. The organization most likely wants to iron out any issues with the 500e before introducing new items, and we can’t fault them for that viewpoint.

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