Unleashing Power: Abarth’s Revolutionary New 600e Performance Crossover

Stellantis Motorsport boosts Abarth’s upcoming model to new levels as strongest in brand’s history.

Abarth is currently putting in a great deal of effort to prepare the launch of the 600e’s high-performance edition. The renowned Italian performance brand has joined forces with Stellantis Motorsport for this endeavor, resulting in the creation of the most dominant Abarth ever manufactured, boasting an impressive output of 240 horsepower.

In addition to a strong dose of muscle, the forthcoming Abarth 600e is set to establish unprecedented levels of dynamism. Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport have transformed the eCMP structure to introduce the innovative Perfo-eCMP platform, with the goal of guaranteeing that the crossover handles braking, steering, and acceleration in a manner befitting a true high-performance vehicle.

The vehicle has been calibrated by engineers and testers to achieve the best possible balance and maneuverability. Although Abarth has not revealed exact details, it is confirmed that the car will feature a specially-designed suspension and a limited-slip differential tailored for compatibility with its electric powertrain and unique qualities.

Stellantis Motorsport And Abarth Create The Most Powerful Abarth Yet

Stellantis Motorsport and Abarth have enhanced the performance of their latest vehicle by providing it with a more powerful braking system. Unlike the standard 600e, which generates only 154 horsepower, this new model harnesses added strength. By incorporating larger brake discs and a redesigned disc layout, the car is able to withstand fading more effectively and disperse heat more efficiently. These improvements are crucial in a high-performance automobile.

Just as crucial are the tires, which were created using knowledge gained from competing in Formula E. They are said to offer excellent traction without decreasing the essential electric range or sacrificing smoothness, utilizing a soft material on the inner and outer edges and a polyurethane insert for reducing noise.

Abarth has recently disclosed some information about the interior of their latest model. They have revealed that the car will feature “high-comfort seats with racing ergonomics.” These seats are constructed with four different types of foam, specifically designed to provide excellent lateral support.

According to the historical records of Stellantis Motorsport, the upgraded 600e is expected to provide an enjoyable driving experience. As a major player in various racing categories, the company boasts an impressive track record with 11 victories at the Dakar Rally, seven wins at Le Mans, and 27 manufacturers’ titles at WRC. Abarth has also gained recognition for producing exhilarating small cars, making the announcement of this model as their most powerful yet all the more exciting. However, it should be noted that the 600e is much heavier compared to Abarth’s previous models. The base version alone weighs 3,351 lbs, which may seem excessive for a compact vehicle.

Let us refresh our minds, the conventional Fiat 600e is highly similar to the Jeep Avenger as they both share the same platform and drivetrain. This raises the question, could there possibly be a high-performance variant of the Avenger in the works?

Although the charming 500e is currently accessible in the United States, the 600e (and consequently, its Abarth counterpart) will not be made available locally. This is due to Fiat’s decision to focus on a single model brand in America. Nevertheless, we can only hope that the Abarth version will eventually arrive on our shores.

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