Finnish Tesla Fans Create Epic Light Show

That’s Really Awesome!

687 Teslas will recently assemble in Helsinki, Finland, to create a massive, and truly spectacular, car light presentation – setting a new world record. Did you know, that Model 3 and Model X Teslas can deliver amazing light shows wherein your car grooves and dances? On the surface it looks like a silly little past-time, yet these people have demonstrated that determination results in remarkable things… even from something as small as a vehicle light show.

Tesla Club Finland worked swiftly to mastermind the entire affair in only a month following the previous record set down last September in Germany. The Finns asserted they could do better and certainly made good on their assertion. Inviting Simon Pollock, founder of, alongside all the available Teslas created an awe-inspiring show likely to bring Elon Musk himself to tears. Capturing everything was Flyby Guys, who filmed the festivities.

World Record Tesla Light Show In Finland - Incredible 687 Cars! Official Video!

In order for this gathering to be organised at such speed, the coordinators managed to secure assistance from local companies providing prizes for participants. Also, some major partners were involved too, such as Michelin who gave away a set of tyres and Tesla Finland, which proposed test drives of its revamp Model 3 as well as a $200 voucher to be used in its store. It is clear that these incentives achieved their desired effect.

On a chilly November night, the show got underway with Royal Deluxe’s powerful rendition of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, and culminated with the EDM classic “Sandstorm” by the Finnish producer Darude. With so many cars in attendance, Pollock, who normally organizes Tesla light shows globally through his company, must have had his hands full.

Fortunately, the collective responsible had the insight to hire a drone company to film the grandeur, and we say this without doubt, as its undeniably remarkable. The synchronisation of all the cars was flawlessly precise; it must have been a tedious task to synchronise. Depending on one’s views in regards to Tesla and its contentious leader, the vehicles they craft and the social group they nurture have an unrivalled status.

It is always astonishing what Tesla can achieve with their refined designs. We guess the competition between Tesla Light Shows will be intensifying and we would not be overwhelmed if somebody breaks this record shortly, with double the number of vehicles included.

If you’re fascinated and own a Tesla with the Light Show type, you can scour Pollock’s site to acquire the files for the display witnessed in the video accompanied by other ones.

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