First Glimpse: Upcoming Volkswagen Golf R Previewed Ahead of Release

Unveiling summer’s new look.

Volkswagen recently unveiled an upgraded version of the Golf series at the start of the week, however, they intentionally excluded their top-of-the-line model. In anticipation of its full launch scheduled for mid-2024, the highly anticipated R model has made its debut in the first set of official photos. The high-performance all-wheel-drive hatchback is clad in a striking blue camouflage to cover up a design that was previewed a few days ago on the lower trims.

Although there are some minor modifications for the R version, it is still undeniably a Golf. One notable alteration is the updated front bumper, which now includes a central radar sensor that was not present in the previous model. And while this feature is now also available on lower trim levels with the introduction of the Mk8.5, it is quite noticeable and stands out conspicuously. However, this has been a longstanding problem for many cars over the years.

The executives at Wolfsburg remain tight-lipped about the highly anticipated new Golf flagship model. However, with the unveiling of the facelift, there has been a noticeable decrease in power disparity between the GTI and the R. The front-wheel drive version has received a substantial boost of 20 horsepower, bringing its total to 261 horsepower. Meanwhile, the infamous R boasts an impressive 315 horsepower. To add insult to injury, European drivers were treated to an even more robust version last year, the R 333, boasting an impressive 328 horsepower. Adding salt to the wound, our European counterparts also have access to a Golf R wagon.

Contrarily, the Golf R in Europe is exclusively available with a DSG transmission while its counterpart in America can be purchased with a manual. However, this option will only be available for a short time as the manual transmission will no longer be offered after the 2024 model year. Additionally, the GTI will also be limited to the DSG transmission moving forward.

As we discussed the unattainable produce that the United States is deprived of, Volkswagen has been marketing a high-performance GTI Clubsport with 296 horsepower and an elevated Alltrack station wagon. The German car manufacturer maintains a diverse range of Golf models in Europe and other regions where it offers a GTE plug-in hybrid sports hatchback and various diesel options, among other variations.

According to Reinhold Ivenz, the leader of Volkswagen R, the upgraded Golf R is set to make its debut in the upcoming summer months.

Source: Volkswagen

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