Fisker Ocean: Arrive in Style, 350 Miles Per Charge

Electric SUV Ready for Dealerships

Fisker has uncovered that it is almost actuating manufacturing for the Ocean SUV and expects the new electric vehicle to accomplish 350 miles (563 km) on the Environmental Protection Agency test sequence. Anticipating up to 360, this articulation rings true.

The car manufacturer expresses much certainty in these figures due to the fact that they have previously successfully conducted range tests together with an independent research institute and recently attained remarkable results on Europe’s WLTP cycle, registering a mileage of 439 miles (707 kilometers). Earning a five-star rating from Euro NCAP is also anticipated to be confirmed shortly.

Production of the vehicle kicked off at Magna Steyr’s plant in Austria towards the latter part of last year, and car makers are now anticipating their European regulatory clearance to come through before April is out. Upon ratification, shipment will commence across Europe.

In the United States, we are not far behind. We continue to strive and progress towards catching up with the rest of the world. Our ability to stay competitive cannot be understated, as continual development and growth is necessary for success. There may always be room for improvement in the USA, yet our commitment and dedication will eventually lead us to success.

Fisker has submitted its testing data, which it acquired throughout a dyno-measured experiment, to the Environmental Protection Agency and presently seeks just an authoritative Certificate of Compliance. Moreover, it has as of late completed all FMVSS testing needed for self-certification from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Production for European models of the Fisker car will reportedly resume on April 20th, with customer deliveries to follow. For models destined for the US, the ramp-up of production is expected to begin in early May. This is due to the different crash standards that are required for different countries. The automaker has been holding back since November, though, as it awaits approval from the EPA. Rather than waste resources, Fisker is “waiting for the agency to provide a firm date for the certification.”

“This plan ensures we can keep up a consistent production climb and have an adequate quantity of cars ready for initial shipments in Europe and the United States while bypassing the cost of car storage until authorizations come in,” CEO Henrik Fisker declared. By executing this strategy, the company can guarantee that they are able to provide customers with the vehicles they need in a timely manner without having to pay extra for storing them.

The CEO went on to say: “Homologating at the same time puts a bigger burden on our teams, but we are taking advantage of the advantages of an agile system by changing our plans on the fly and releasing vehicles in Europe initially. I’m grateful for our reservation holders’ perseverance and am thrilled to get vehicles in our customers’ hands.”

The Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV, made public in 2020, has received many bookings, and Fisker anticipates fostering this regard with various other novel offerings, such as the Alaska electric pickup and the PEAR. Though the delayed discharge of the Ocean could disappoint some shoppers, its innovative traits – like a turning infotainment display – can still lure in others.

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