Fisker Ocean: One Owner’s Impressions After a Week

Fisker Ocean Owner’s First Week Review.
TEST DRIVING the Fisker Ocean One ! - (Owner Review)

The Fisker Ocean has become available after a span of more than four years since it was initially presented. Denmark customers started getting their units one month back and US dwellers obtained them last week.

The only publicity-tested model of the electric crossover at this time is the pricier $69,000 launch version, featuring 550 horses and a 0-60 miles per hour sprint capability measured at 3.6 seconds precisely. Described as the “Ocean One”, the kick-off edition is powered by a battery pack which has an impressive 106 kilowatt-hour net capacity and an EPA estimate range of 360 miles.

Recently, in Copenhagen, Denmark, Daniel Simonsen had taken in his new Ocean One. After a week of having this car, he put together a short evaluation.

Overall, Simonsen holds take pride in the Ocean’s characteristics. He applauded it for it’s advanced technical features, including the high-resolution digital back display.

The Ocean’s suspension system is exemplary, Simonsen lauding its impressive comfort when manoeuvring over potholes and rugged terrain. Its driver assistance technology performs competently too, although Simonsen was reticent to elaborate.

Simonsen has commented on the remarkable straight-line performance of the Ocean One. When set to Boost Mode, the vehicle offers a comparable speed to a Tesla Model Y Performance in terms of accelerating capability.

The 17-inch infotainment system is vivid, quick to respond, and has a straightforward design. The craftsmanship also appears durable.

Although the prior CEO Henrik Fisker was in charge of a different venture that developed the Karma a few years ago, this is essentially an entirely fresh enterprise with complete new personnel – turning it into a startup. Consequently, it’s remarkable that clients are this contented with its design quality and infotainment.

It could possibly be a result of production having been delegated to Magna Steyr in Austria, which is a trusted provider throughout the last two decades. Reportedly, this business manufactures close to 200,000 motor vehicles every twelve months. Apart from the Ocean, Magna Steyr currently generates diverse outstanding models from long-standing automakers including Mercedes C-Class, BMW 5-Series, and Jaguar I-Pace.

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