Ford Bronco: Fighting Fire for Good

Stationing a Specialized Sasquatch Off-Roader at Bandelier NM.

Ford has generously gifted a particularly modified Bronco Sports Utility Vehicle to the National Park Service to assist them in dealing with wildfires on public property, motivated by the Wildland Fire Rig Idea from the past year.

Drawing on Badlands specifications, the SUV will be utilized at the Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, operating as a firefighting chain of command car. Furnished with a cutting-edge government communication system, the Bronco comes with satellite and aerial nodes, which provides responders the ability to communicate rapidly and effectively.

It appears that the Blue Oval has devised a remarkable patent application, since there now exist drones able to demonstrate a real-time dispersion on displays inside automobiles. Furthermore, tailored programs on tablets further enhance this service allowing first responders to orchestrate aerial support promptly, amongst other things, locating fires.

Coming equipped with a Warn winch installed at the factory, along with a rooftop rack and luminescent bar, as well as flashing emergency lights, this particular car shall prove to be extremely capable. Finishing off its look are the black rims with red edges which harmoniously connect to its contrasting white and red design.

Ford Bronco Wildland Is A Firefighting Off-Roader For A Good Cause

Ford has outfitted the Bronco with the aptly-named Sasquatch package, boosting its off-roading capabilities through increased ground clearance, as well as 35-inch mud terrain tyres and taller fenders – to name but a few features.

Darley, a highly esteemed producer of governmental transport vehicles, assisted in customizing the automobile, which is only the initial one as Darley anticipates manufacturing an additional Bronco fire-rescue vehicle for the U.S. National Park Service.

“Ford has been a proud supporter of fire response and disaster relief efforts for over a century,” proclaimed Dave Rivers, Ford enthusiast brand manager. “And now, we are pleased to announce the launch of Bronco Wild Fund, which was created out of our passion for the outdoors. As part of this initiative, we are donating a Bronco Wildland Firefighting Command Rig to Bandelier National Monument in order to help safeguard it for future generations.”

Covering more than 33,000 acres, Bandelier National Monument is truly extraordinary. Evidence of human inhabitation dates back an impressive 11,000 years and the area consists of diverse canyons and mesas, some of which contain ancient petroglyphs adorning the rocks.

The park has a past containing a number of occurrences of natural conflagrations and they have become increasingly frequent in recent memory, particularly as the season for wildfires is now longer than previously.

Approximately two-thirds of Bandelier has been set apart as wild land, making it extremely complicated to attain in a critical situation.

“I am immensely grateful to Ford for their generous donation,” said Patrick Suddath, Superintendent of Bandelier National Monument. “In the last two decades, we have seen the effects of rising temperatures and more powerful winds in the form of larger, more unpredictable wildfires.”

Ford has recently gifted a batch of pick-up trucks and all-terrain vehicles to Team Rubicon, an enterprise guided by veterans which offers aid to areas wracked by severe weather events.

Ford Motor Company has long been known for providing dependable automobiles to agencies of law enforcement, which is something it proudly reminisces in recently shared snapshots. Seen below are vintage and up-to-date motor vehicles that have served the police force, including a 1921 Model T firefighting lorry, an ’58 Edsel medical vehicle, and a modern F-550 first responder emergency truck.

This practise still persists today, and as electricity rises, Ford has shifted their concentration to providing police autos powered by batteries based on the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

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