Ford E-Transit Courier: The Little Sibling.

Small Electric Delivery van won’t Reach US

Greet the 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier, a diminutive alternative to the E-Transit Cargo Van that’s sold in the US. The Courier is one of seven electric Fords planned to launch by 2024, such as the soon-to-be-released Puma EV and the newly revealed Explorer built upon a Volkswagen structure.

Ford has declared that the electric version of their new Courier van will not be available until “later in 2024”, but the gas and diesel variants will be available for ordering this summer with deliveries beginning by the end of 2023. This vehicle will be produced at the Craiova factory in Romania, and no plans for it to be sold in the United States have been made. It is unfortunate, as this seems to be an ideal delivery van for small businesses.

The E-Transit Courier features a one motor design in the front axle that constructs an output of 134 horsepower. Comparatively, the full-sized counterpart, the E-Transit, possesses a rear-mounted power source that yields 266 hp. Noting its size as a factor, the Courier is limited to 90mph which could potentially dissatisfy American delivery van motorists of which are prone to driving over the speed limit. Ford hasn’t provided the specifics on its battery however they have proposed an 11 kW AC charging rate, thus requiring 5.7 hours for it to reach a full charge. Fast-charging DC units can provide a 54 mile run within 10 minutes or a 10-80% quick-charge utilization in 35 minutes.

Customers will be provided with two years of free access to the BlueOval Charge Network, anticipated to feature up to 500,000 public chargers around the world by 2024. Furthermore, those ordering five or more will acquire entry to Pro E-Telematics, supplying them with charging status updates, specific charge degrees of their vehicle, and a low range alert for the remaining range.

Ford states that the replacement of the E-Transit Courier’s body upgrade has permitted them to boost capacity in all areas, making it the first compact van to fit two Euro pallets. An additional load-through bulkhead characteristic enables operators to slide extended items into the passenger area by lowering the seated passenger section. The interior itself looks quite pleasing for a shuttle with twin 12-inch displays for the gauge cluster as well as center touchscreen. Although scant info was disclosed concerning the gas and diesel variations, the images verify that a manual gearbox will be readily accessible.

No specific costs have yet been uncovered, however Ford has prodded a couple of options, including van and double-cab-in-van structures, alongside high-level models such as the Limited and Active. With any luck, it’s plausible that Ford could present an altered rendition of the Transit Connect to the US.

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