Ford Lightning Revives Tesla Model S With 0 Miles Left.

Ford Truck Revives Tesla with Pro Power Onboard.

The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup has emerged victorious, coming through yet again with its efficient Pro Power Onboard highlight. This mechanism serves as a terrific mobile generator, allowing users to access electricity via the cleverly placed outlets in both the frunk and bed.

Previously, a Ford Electric Truck had been instrumental in sustaining an automobile dealership after a major seismic episode, supporting one dwelling entirely during an intense winter tempest, and assisted people in continuing their routines when a violent hurricane led to power loss for thousands.

An enthralling narrative is presently taking over Twitter, penned by @EZebroni, who attests to have used his Ford Lightning truck to give assistance to a Tesla Model S proprietor who had run out of battery power and ceased functioning.

Ethan narrates that while approaching the vehicle, he observed it was a white Tesla Model S with the emergency lights flashing and every window open. Thus, he arrived at the scene in his pickup and stepped out to investigate.

Evidently, the 2013 Model S harbored all the indicators of a discharged high-voltage battery, as it indicated a low charge indicator and a digital instrument panel reading zero miles remaining. In addition, the thermal protection system for the passenger compartment was failing.

The proprietor of the Tesla confided to Ethan his worry since he had no wall connector to fuel the battery, yet to his astonishment, @EZebroni opened up the front trunk of the Lightning, took hold a 240-volt Tesla portable adapter, and plugged it into one of the electric sockets on the Ford pick-up truck.

Still wondering why someone owning an electric truck manufactured by the Blue Oval company would own a Tesla charger? As this post indicates, Ethan has many Tesla vehicles that he rents out through Turo, therefore always being equipped with a ready solution should something go awry.

The dilemma was seen when Ethan endeavored to attach the connector to the electricity port of the Model S. Unfortunately, the bottom catch would not release resulting in a hindrance of the charger from being connected. Even a police officer who had stopped by the spot attempted to facilitate Ethan in detecting the manual freeing latch, still, this did not yield any success.

A gift voucher provided assistance, but in spite of the port being manually unlocked, the car still refused to accept the power. After a few attempts though, it seemed the Tesla ultimately began to take in energy from the Ford truck at approximately 21 mph.

Nevertheless, it ended up being the case that the proprietor of the Model S was simply about one mile from his dwellings and, subsequently, following a swift charge, they directed themselves to the residence with the Tesla equally displaying zero miles range.

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Source: @EZebroni (Twitter)

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