Ford Megazilla V8: Same Price as a Maverick

Upgrade to Godzilla V8? It’ll Cost You.

It’s been three years since Ford first announced it, but the 7.3-liter “Megazilla” V8 engine is now available for purchase. It comes with a hefty price tag of $22,995, and you’d only have to add a few hundred more to get yourself a brand-new Ford Maverick (excluding destination charges).

For a hefty price, you get yourself a modern pushrod V8 engine that can generate monumental force without the aid of either turbo or superchargers. The Megazilla is capable of giving you 615 horses at 5,750 RPM and up to 638 foot-pounds of torque when running premium pump gas at 4,650 RPM. Even lower revs can pull more than 500 lb-ft – 2,500 RPM specifically.

You can fathom the wealth of potential output this mill would have with forced induction. To be able to sustain all that vigor, the Blue Oval V8 crate engine is fitted with fortified interior parts, for example a cast iron block, carefully machined aluminum cylinder heads, a lowered intake manifold, Mahle manufactured pistons, Callies fashioned H-beam connecting rods, a steel crankshaft, a potent camshaft (with VCT removal), and a Shelby GT500 92mm throttle body.

Ford shall also include several supplies in the package: coils, spark plugs, plug wires, a standard oil pan, a conveyancechaise and an engine wiring linkage. Worth delineation is that the Megazilla V8 has symmetric bellhousing bolt pattern as the Ford 4.6/5.4 motors and Coyote 5.0-liter engine, providing fuss-free transfer when updating to this motor to your Mustang.

Indeed, in spite of being a sophisticated version of the Godzilla V8 found on the Super Duty vehicles, Ford Performance has verified that this motor is optimal for both cars and trucks.

Unquestionably, these costs would make contractors carefully consider their decisions, particularly when there are more affordable (and just as competent) choices around. Dodging Direct Connection proposes its Hellcrate 6.2-liter Redeye (developing 807 hp and 717 lb-ft) for $12,995 while the non-Redeye version (717 hp and 656 lb-ft) is only calling for $9,495. The Challenger SRT Demon’s motor, on the other hand, is steep at $27,695 but creates up to 1,025 hp.

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