Ford Recalls 175K+ Broncos For Design Flaw

Small Defects Bring Big Repercussions

The return of the celebrated Ford Bronco after 24 years has been met with numerous component tribulations, leading the manufacturer to caution owners that the automobile might suffer from ill-fastened lug nuts causing its wheels to topple off. And just recently another recall was announced due to a slight imperfection discovered in the safety belt — further discomposing the SUV’s release.

A report issued by the NHTSA has indicated that, due to limited space between the backrest and the interior trim, it could be difficult to reach the front seatbelt latch plates. As a result, this hinders access to the device.

Passengers could end up feeling disheartened to don their seatbelts (if they can pay no attention to the warning sound) which could lead to serious harm or fatality should a crash happen. Additionally, the report declared the unreliable latch plates didn’t meet safety protocols, thus requiring a recall for 175,550 Ford Bronco models.

Ford has revealed a recall of a total of 175,550 units of the five-door Ford Bronco from 2021 to 2023. A staggering 39,302 are from the 2021 series, 88,704 from the 2022 range, and 47,544 from the very latest 2023 selection. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the issue, those inside the car won’t be alerted in any way.

On the 5th of May, 2023, Ford launched an inquiry into the matter. As of yet, the Blue Oval doesn’t seem to be aware of any instances of customer worry or official reports regarding the dilemma. What’s more, there have been no accounts of incidents or damages that could be linked to the conundrum.

In order to remedy the problem, Ford and Lincoln dealerships will be providing a complimentary service: The installation of a sliding clip latch on both the driver’s and front-seat passenger seatbelts. Additionally, owners will obtain a brief instruction manual that explains how to properly make use of the slide clips.

By June 30th, 2023 Ford intends to commence sending recall notifications to proprietors and expects to have concluded the process by the 6th of July.

It appears that the organization has yet to attain any fortune in regards to faulty components following the presentation of recall campaigns surpassing any other auto manufacturers in the United States during the course of the previous year.

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