Ford Sells 31 GTs in ’23

End of Ford V6 Supercar Production Confirmed

Ford divulged the sales figures for 2023 on Thursday, confirming an impressive number of 31 units had been sold of the GT supercar. A company spokesperson reached out to Motor1 to confirm that the model had finished its manufacture in March of last year as prearranged.

The meager amount of GTs crafted in 2023 relates to Ford’s declaration in August of that year claiming that they had prolonged production of the twin-turbo V6-powered supercar from 2022 to wrap up the ultimate set of vehicles.

Ford originally plotted to put together just 1,000 GTs through a four-year span of creation working together with racing company Multimatic. In 2018, the corporation broadened the number of cars created by another 350 to sustain demand, with intentions to stop production in 2022.

It appears that Ford made the commitment to extend production of their GT vehicles into the beginning of 2023. Reasons for this choice remain unknown, but we can presume supply shortages brought on by the implications of the pandemic played a crucial role. The company spokesperson declined to offer any photos or information on the last model produced when questioned by Motor1. Nonetheless, it is believed that the final car in the series was chassis N260-J211. With an Antimatter Blue paint job and graphite wheels covered in red brake calipers, this vehicle was sold to a private buyer located in Detroit, Michigan and put to use in May.

Ford signalled the conclusion of GT production with the release of the LM Edition in October 2022. Each of the twenty models showcased a coat of Liquid Silver paint, accompanied by red or blue highlights. Additionally, each vehicle was equipped with a piece of the Ford GT race car that earned third place in the 24 Hours of LeMans competition in 2016.

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