Porsche 911 GTS Hybrid Tested in Germany

Caught at Nurburgring: Big Fixed Wing on Back

In the interest of transparency, we can’t be 100% sure this is an up-to-date Porsche 911 GTS. We haven’t observed one featuring a large mounted wing at the rear end as of yet, but it has center-lock wheels which are not on any other models other than the Turbo and the 911 GT3. This model does not have the hood or front fascia of the GT3, thus suggesting that the only available option is the GTS. Unless Porsche intends on providing center-lock wheels for something else unidentified, the evidence directs us to believe this is a GTS.

An additional detail to take into account regarding these newly exposed pics of a Porsche is the round yellow seal on the rear window. This points to the fact that it is a hybrid vehicle, yielding more vigor than what is typically bundled with the GTS model, which cranks out 473 hp delivered by its combined-turbine 3.0-liter engine module. The real power these hybrids generate remains concealed at present since Porsche is not ready discuss the matter yet. Rumor has it that such vehicles will not fit into the category of plug-in cars as those discovered in the Panamera range, which can go up to 700 hp and are meant for only electric use. On the contrary, these hybrids will be more concentrated on performance rather than economics.

When it comes to looks, Porsche’s new headlights can be noticed; they may slightly resemble its predecessors, however the actual makeup has been revised to incorporate amber turn signals. Additionally, alterations have been made to the lower fascia with a squared-off corner vent and likely covert angles at the edges. The centre grille has also increased in size offering improved cooling capabilities for hybrid components such as a necessary battery.

The hidden backside looks largely the same way as when we had previously observed our 911 GTS prototype on April 2023. The exhaust exits are located closer to one another in the midsection, though it is feasible that this could still be an experimental back covering. There is quite a lot of black adhesive all over the area, and the unchanging spoiler situated at the upper region leads us to think that Porsche might be testing different air dynamics packages. In the past we have anecdotally seen such trials done but none of them appeared on the production model.

It has been around twelve months since the initial uncovering of our refashioned GTS, and according to our intelligence groups, a total exposure is predicted before the close of 2023.

Source: SH Proshots


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