Ford’s Electric Pickup: Perfect for Glamping

Ford Upgrades Midgate to New Level

Ford has submitted an application for a patent on a truck cabin’s back panel that pivots up similar to the trunk of an SUV. CarBuzz unearthed the patent, which was registered at the German Patent and Mark Office.

The midgate of this particular truck is regularly referred to as the middle gate. Ford indicates that it can be affixed in such a way that it can be locked in position, while also being able to be shifted upwards to expose the cabin exterior. Formed of two panels connected together at the joining line, the twin sections are designed to turn and secure the gate when shut, while simultaneously offering multiple benefits when it’s open.

Ford declared that the lower panel is able to pivot more than 90 degrees in comparison to the first panel, thus permitting people to cast shade wherever they desire. In addition, if you are able to open the midgate, you may also be able to increase the length of the bed; however Ford made this particular filing for other purposes

Most of the trial is focusing on setting up a tent encompassing the pickup truck. Specialized pockets specifically manufactured for tents fit snugly over the side mirrors, guaranteeing it stays in place. The remainder of the tent is fixed to various tie-down compartments, yet Ford also claims one can utilize archaic tent poles as well as pins to secure it.

As is evident in the vision below, the tent can be employed for the purpose of camping or glamping. The midgate being open provides campers with a pathway to get inside and out of the vehicle since the doorways will more than likely not able to be unbolted owing to the tie-downs.

The exhilarating notion is how Ford plans to apply commonplace inside components to make tenting as relaxed as could reasonably be expected. The seats may be collapsed level to offer a resting territory, while the seat radiators and coolers can upgrade a snooze when outdoors in tough climates. The membranous sacs utilized for an ordinary seat kneading capacity can also be added and emptied until the camper learns the ideal spot.

It is believed that the climate control system may also be employed to keep the inside temperature in check, so there is no need to fret about draining your Ford F-150 Lightning battery. Supposedly ample enough to power up a house for a couple of nights, camping outside in a tent will barely affect its charge. Additionally, security has been taken into consideration by Ford; several sensors are designed to oversee the area and notify occupants in the occurrence of a suspicious individual being nearby.

The U.S. vehicle-maker asserts that this single patent should encapsulate any future modifications as well as permutations of the setup.

What’s the deal? Is Ford working on an F-150 Lightning Camping Edition to challenge Tesla’s recently-unveiled Cybertruck tent accessory?

It is obvious that Ford has an even more important project in the works. Already, they have verified the fact that something else they are working on is an electric truck. Dubbed T3, whatever is in the making here appears to be a top tier pick-up vehicle, based on the limited information that we have acquired thus far.

CarBuzz lately learned of three patents pertinent to frunks, implying a slide-out drawer necessitating the entire front end of the vehicle to be reworked. It appears Ford was after Rivian’s Camp Kitchen initiative; however, we now consider that they are starting to file legal documents for their future electric truck plan.

By merging together the newly issued patent with the mobile movie theater, along with the rest of them as well, it is highly probable that there will be few rivals able to rival the practicality and cutting-edge advancements in that area.

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