Ford’s Lightstream: Limitless Possibilities

What Mystery Awaits?

Ford has submitted an application for the term ‘Lightstream’ indicating the American auto manufacturer is in the process of debuting an all-electric car. This proposed model looks to be the newest addition to their electric assortment.

It was revealed by an individual on the 4th Generation Tacoma discussion board that the documentation is somewhat hazy. It appears that Lightstream may be applicable to many uses, from personal vehicles and SUVs to off-highway automobiles and electric cars. Lightstream seems quite daring, leading us to hypothesize this fresh label might be used on a battery-powered off-roader of sorts.

The future of Project T3, Ford’s cutting-edge electric truck, is yet to be firmly established. Though there are varied theories, one thought is the Lightstream could be its moniker. A rolling start for this version is rumored to begin in 2025, but apparently it will not substitute for the F-150 Lightning. Rumors indicate that this vehicle will utilize a distinctive EV platform.

That’s just one potential application of the Lightstream title. It could be a trim level for a electrified Bronco. The astonishing off-roader does not have either a hybrid or PHEV option even though its biggest rival, the Wrangler, has a 4xe variant. Lightstream may further be kept as the label for the 100% electric Bronco, which is rumored to come out in 2029 next to a brand new Bronco.

There’s a good prospect that Lightstream may be suitable for installation on a plug-in hybrid of the Maverick model. It has already been made manifest that Ford intends to release new editions of the Maverick and Bronco. Could Lightstream be amongst these updates?

Can’t the Mustang Mach-E be overlooked? The crossover has proved to be a real triumph for Ford, plus they just ran up the lineup with their Rally edition that is designed for going off-road. It might be plausible that the Lightstream could materialize as a performance-oriented variation furnishing athletic suspension and fashionable accents.

Adding to the mystery of what this name could mean for Ford is that, from what is understood, “Lightstream” or “Stream” have not been previously utilized on a Ford automobile – with one exception. In 2007, the Blue Oval presented an Airstream Concept.

This van was powered by electric motors that drew energy from a battery source. The vehicle could be plugged into its charger, but a hydrogen fuel cell system replenished the pack when necessary. This endowed Airstream with an estimated range of 305 miles. Within, there was a lounge-like interior featuring swivelling captain’s chairs in the front and many other nifty details.

It is possible that Ford will be releasing an electric passenger vehicle strangely called the ‘Lightstream’ in recollection of the Airstream Concept. Potentially, its US market adaptation could be similar to the all-electric Tourneo Custom.

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