Forgotten Italian Coupe: The Iso Rivolta Lele.

17 Units Remain of 280 Made

You may be aware of Iso because they initially crafted the delightful BMW Isetta, which is one of the few miniature Italian autos that have been retained in memory by history. Nonetheless, the car manufacturer from Italy also made performance-oriented vehicles, for instance, the Iso Rivolta Lele.

It is genuinely unusual to come across a Lele, due to the fact that only an estimated 17 examples have persisted till today. But luckily, Number 47 got hold of a single one, giving us all an insightful demonstration of the long-forgotten Italian grand tourer, powered by a V8 engine of American origin.

This particular Rivolta Lele is one of the forty-nine autos imported to Britain during the 70s. It is fitted with a Ford Cleveland 351 cubic-inch V8 engine, one of the multiple eight-cylinder powerplants formerly employed in more mature forms of the Mustang.

Italy's Most Obscure Failure Is Surprisingly Good- The Crazy Iso Lele!

This remarkable Lele that still stands has gone through a full makeover under the hood. Brand new stainless steel exhaust mufflers, Edelbrock performance intake manifold, and Fel-Pro gaskets coupled with an ARP fastener and phenolic carb spacer have been fitted onto the car. For tyres, it rides on 15-inch shining magnesium alloy wheels outfitted with Pirelli tires.

This Iso Rivolta Lele preserves its iconic Azzurro Metallizzato 106 A 32 hue, matched with a magnolia hide interior. To give it an extra appeal, this model now features a sportier dashboard with additional instruments placed in the front of the passenger seat. Furthermore, a vintage-looking Pioneer audio system is included for a dose of nostalgia.

Despite its comfort, potency, and distinct structure, the Iso Lele encountered difficulty in gaining a foothold in the market. Just around 280 units were manufactured in total. The Lele met with obstacles due to customers being unaware of its objective.

The classic sports car ethos and profile of a conventional grand tourer were out of the question for the Lele. It faced competition from the Jensen Interceptor and was set to rival the Lamborghini Espada, all while being met with raised eyebrows due to its unconventionality in the market.

If you’re in the marketplace for an uncommon classic sports vehicle that exudes personality, the Rivolta Lele merits being on your list. Fortunately, the specific unit above – with barely 38,750 miles on the odometer – is presently available for purchase at SBR Engineering for £69,950 (or around $85,500 with current exchange rates).

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