Former F1 Racer’s Long Lost Ferrari Finally Found After Decades

Austrian F1 Racer to Reunite with Stolen Ferrari F512 M After Police Retrieve Superca

Ex-Formula One racer Gerhard Berger had his prized possession, a Ferrari F512 M, stolen by burglars while competing in the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Italy. After almost thirty years, there is hope for a happy reunion between the Austrian driver and his beloved Testarossa supercar, as the British Metropolitan Police have recently found the car.Berger, who was one of the top drivers in Formula One during the 1980s and 1990s, was devastated when his personal Ferrari was taken from him during the busy race weekend in Italy. Despite efforts to locate the missing vehicle, it seemed like a lost cause and the theft became just another unfortunate incident in the world of high-stakes racing.Nevertheless, fate has finally caught up with this iconic car, as the British police uncovered the stolen Ferrari in their recent operations. With the possibility of finally being reunited with the vehicle that holds deep sentimental value for him, Berger must be feeling an immense sense of relief and joy.The former racer, now a successful businessman, has since moved on from his racing days, but the memories associated with this supercar have stayed with him. The Ferrari F512 M was one of the highlights of Berger’s collection, and its return would

The Metropolitan Police’s Organised Vehicle Crime Unit successfully located and retrieved Berger’s red Ferrari F512M after receiving a report from Ferrari. In 2023, the Italian car manufacturer conducted investigations on one of their Ferrari vehicles and uncovered that the F512M had been stolen. During this time, a buyer in the United States was attempting to acquire the F512M through a broker in the UK.

Upon receiving the official report from Ferrari, members of the Organized Vehicle Crime Unit conducted thorough investigations, enabling them to acquire additional details about the high-performance vehicle. The Metropolitan Police’s inquiry revealed that the F512 M was promptly transported to Japan following its theft. Subsequently, it was brought to the UK in 2023.

Mike Pilbeam, the head investigator, disclosed that their efforts included reaching out to authorities in various countries. They also partnered with the National Crime Agency, Ferrari, and global auto distributors. He approximated the worth of the stolen Ferrari F512M to be approximately £350,000 ($444,000).

In a staggering feat, The Metropolitan Police concluded their comprehensive inquiry within a mere four days and swiftly located and seized the Ferrari F512M. This swift action should effectively impede the vehicle’s transportation from the UK to the US. Nevertheless, the F512M was not the sole Ferrari sports car pilfered during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix.

According to a 1995 article from, it was discovered that not only did Berger’s striking red F512 M get stolen, but also a sleek silver Ferrari 355 belonging to retired French Formula One racer Jean Alesi. Curiously enough, both Berger and Alesi were teammates on the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix. Finishing in second and third place behind Damon Hill of the Williams-Renault F1 team, Alesi and Berger put up impressive performances.

As per media updates, Berger arrived at the parking lot of their hotel just in time to see a burglar making off with his beloved Ferrari F512 M. In an attempt to stop the escape, he bravely stepped in front of the vehicle, only to quickly dodge out of harm’s way. The thief took advantage of a narrow opening and zoomed away in the F512 M, leaving Berger stunned and helpless. In a desperate effort to retrieve his stolen ride, Berger hopped into a friend’s Volkswagen Golf, but unfortunately, the borrowed car proved no match for his high-speed Testarossa.

Ferrari, the well-renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, has long been a symbol of speed, elegance and opulence. Its iconic prancing horse logo and signature red paint have become synonymous with prestige and high performance. However, the history of this legendary brand is more than just sleek cars and flashy designs.Founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari, the company initially focused on producing race cars for various competitions. In fact, Ferrari’s first car, the Tipo 815, won its debut race, the Coppa Acerbo, in 1940. This early success laid the foundation for the brand’s future as a leader in the world of motorsports.However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that Ferrari began producing road cars for the general public. The first model was the luxurious 166 Inter, which was quickly followed by the iconic 250 series. These cars were not only beautiful and powerful, but also innovative with their use of cutting-edge technologies such as disc brakes and independent rear suspensions.As the decades went by, Ferrari continued to enhance its reputation as a top-tier car manufacturer through racing victories and groundbreaking designs. The introduction of the V12 engine in the 1960s solidified the brand’s dedication to high-performance

Although the Met has successfully retrieved Berger’s Ferrari F512M, the whereabouts of Alesi’s 355 are still unknown. The other Ferrari is still unaccounted for. Despite this, the Met confirms that their investigation continues and no individuals have been taken into custody in connection with the recovery of the F512M.

At the age of 64, Berger has already retired from his successful career in motorsports. He was a prominent figure in Formula One for 14 seasons, representing various teams throughout his tenure. During his time in F1, Berger’s highest achievement was placing third overall in the championship twice, in 1998 and 1994, while racing for Ferrari. A rare gem among the 500 units produced, Berger’s Ferrari F512 M holds a special place in his heart. This particular model was the final iteration of the iconic Testarossa series, manufactured between 1994 to 1996. Powered by a 4.9-liter flat-12 engine mounted longitudinally in the middle of the car, the F512 M boasted an impressive output of 434 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque.

The Metropolitan Police are conducting an investigation into alleged illegal activities involving the Italian racing team, Ferrari. According to, the allegations include tampering with race results and using performance-enhancing substances.The Metropolitan Police are currently looking into potential wrongdoing within the prestigious Italian racing team, Ferrari. The investigation, as reported by, revolves around accusations of manipulating race outcomes and utilizing banned substances to improve performance.It has been reported that the police have launched a full-scale inquiry into the actions of Ferrari, following concerns raised about potential rule-breaking. These concerns were brought to light after allegations of tampering with race results and using banned substances surfaced.According to reliable sources, the Metropolitan Police have initiated a thorough examination into the activities of Ferrari amid concerns over their possible violation of regulations. This move was prompted by shocking claims of meddling with race outcomes and utilization of prohibited substances within the team.The investigation is still in its early stages and no formal charges have been made against Ferrari at this time. However, the authorities are taking these allegations seriously and will continue to gather evidence and conduct interviews to determine if any illegal activities have taken place.The inquiry is still in its preliminary phase, and as of now, there have not been any official charges brought against Ferrari. Nevertheless, the

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