Recovered: Stolen Ferrari of F1 Driver Gerhard Berger Returns After 28 Years

Ferrari finds car stolen during inspection, notifies police.

The Organised Vehicle Crime Unit in London has successfully solved a long-standing auto theft case. After 28 years, they were able to recover a stolen Ferrari 512M that was taken from Formula One racer Gerhard Berger during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola.The Metropolitan Police in London can now claim victory in cracking an unsolved automobile mystery. Thanks to the efforts of the Organised Vehicle Crime Unit, a Ferrari 512M that was snatched from renowned Formula One driver Gerhard Berger during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola has been located and retrieved after nearly three decades.

In 1995, during the race, thieves managed to steal not only Berger’s 512M but also teammate Jean Alesi’s 355 from a parking lot of a hotel. A contemporary report by claimed that Berger arrived at the scene just as the culprit was making their escape in his Ferrari.

The 512M belonging to Berger was successfully retrieved by the Metropolitan Police, with assistance from Ferrari. In January, the car company disclosed to authorities that they had examined the vehicle for an American buyer who was obtaining it through a middleman in the United Kingdom.

Authorities discovered that the stolen car had been transported to Japan, but eventually made its way back to the UK by late 2023. Once it arrived, the Metropolitan Police took control of the Ferrari in order to prevent it from leaving the country.

In the official statement released by the Metropolitan Police regarding the recovery of the stolen car, lead investigator Mike Pilbeam emphasized the importance of swift collaboration with key partners such as the National Crime Agency, Ferrari, and international car dealerships. According to Pilbeam, this joint effort played a crucial role in uncovering the vehicle’s history and preventing it from being taken out of the country.

The authorities continue to conduct a thorough investigation; no individuals have been detained. Regrettably, Alesi’s F355 remains unaccounted for.

Despite falling victim to car theft, Berger and Alesi proved triumphant at the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix where Alesi earned a second place finish and Berger claimed third.

The Ferrari 512M marked the ultimate stage in the development of the renowned Testarossa from the 1980s. Unlike its previous versions, it boasted fixed headlights instead of the signature pop-up lamps. Sporting an enhanced 4.9-liter flat-12 engine, it delivered a powerful 434 horses and 369 pound-feet of torque. With only 501 units produced, it remains a rarity among car collectors.

Source: Metropolitan Police

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