Future Ferraris on Show Near Maranello

Ferrari’s Next Grand Tourer: No Hybrid.

Acriore, a YouTube aficionado for cars, established his camera in the vicinity of Ferrari’s well-known manufacturing plant in Maranello and captured 16 minutes of breathtaking automobiles exiting the facility, four of which might be distinct or modified models.

As a multitude of automobiles rolled out of the plant for inspection or dispatching, we observed potential hints of an 812 Supersport successor. shielding this four-wheeler’s figure is a dense veil, thus precluding appreciation of aesthetics. Yet it is evident that Ferrari remained faithful to its customary forward engine configuration and driving rear wheel arrangement, standard in their swift grand prosing vehicles.

The captivating aspect of the recent spy photographs is that none of them sport the usual electricity warning sticker – aside from the car that we acknowledge is a hybrid. Such stickers are obligatory on any automobile equipped with an electric component stronger than a standard automotive battery. Can this point to Ferrari retaining a V12 engine void of electrical backing?

We most certainly have high expectations, though the car’s evolution is still in its initial phases, and Italians might only be trying out a newfound ICE part.


The latest news suggests Ferrari are releasing an updated version of the plug-in hybrid 296 GTB. CarBuzz recently identified multiple trademarks filed by the luxury automotive company, one being ‘296 Speciale’ and the other ‘296 Mugello’. While ‘Speciale’ is already known to be a high performance trim, ‘Mugello’ indicates that this version of the model will carry even more track features.

Visible amendments can be noticed either end of the prototype pictured. Dissimilar to a standard 296 which has only one exhaust aperture, this prototype is equipped with two salient tubes. The integrated spoiler appears to be slightly taller and the diffusers beneath seem particularly aggressive. Furthermore, there is a vent confronting forward on the bonnet. These characteristics indicate that this automobile could be the 296 Speciale.

An SF90 XX Ferrari was observed disguised in a subtle camouflage.

An oddity was observed that ostensibly seemed to be a Roma entirely cloaked in camouflage. It left the unit with an abundant amount of coverings to mask any evident adjustments, but the front and rear lamps were unmistakable evidence.

Bringing us back to its trademark revelation, two names – ‘Milano’ and ‘Milano Spider’ – have undoubtedly been noted, thus sounding like typical appellations for Ferrari’s portfolio opener and the convertible (respectively) of the grand tourer. Production commencing in 2020, the Roma coupe was marketed as a 2021 version with the drop-top arriving shortly afterwards, conforming to Ferrari’s usual showtime dynamism. Comparatively, its antecedent the Portofino governed the gavel from 2017 until 2023, which is deemed a long-term tenure for any of the brand’s designs. To draw a comparison, the predecessor of this model, the California T, only stayed on the scene for three years.

We ascertain that the Roma (or possibly the coupe) will likely be superseded towards the end of 2025, probably taking place in 2026. This implies that Ferrari is already working hard on the construction of its replacement.


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