Genesis Developing Hybrid-Powered BMW Rival

Genesis Develops Rear-Drive Electrified Powertrain

Reports emerging from the Asian continent are indicating that Genesis is diligently developing a hybrid system with rear-wheel orientation. An article in South Korea’s Asiae publication has supposedly conveyed that the Korean automobile giant is presently endeavoring to create its debut plug-in hybrid.

Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia boast a selection of hybrid cars, usually featuring front-wheel drive. It appears that the Genesie marque has set their sights on challenging BMW and Mercedes-Benz, with the suggestion that they may be looking to introduce a rear-driven system. Although this is intriguing news, an industry spokesperson cautions us against getting too carried away.

“It is clear that research on different powertrains is essential… [however] there is nothing officially in the works for the purpose of mass production.” This phrasing could be very telling. It suggests that while research is being done, the plans for mass production are not yet in place. This could mean that the company is still exploring and assessing different options before committing to a specific powertrain for mass production.

Just recently, Genesis disclosed an idea designed for the Gran Turismo game’s world-view dubbed the X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo. This intricate fabrication sports a 10,000 revival rate V6 motor put together with an electric engine to give out 1,071 hp, along with 986 lb-ft of torsion.

Were a vehicle of this kind ever to emerge from the imaginary domain, it would without a doubt drive its back wheels or least give them primacy. It’s unclear if such an auto would be generated in large numbers; leading us to speculate that Genesis may be developing the anticipated hybrid but its technology probably won’t trickle down to ordinary cars like the Genesis G90 saloon.

Genesis has been rather active in increasing its sphere of influence lately. The automaker is aiming to rival Bentley and Rolls-Royce with tailored creations that the extravagance-minded crowd will be impressed by, and an engine at the front wheels won’t cater to that sector. Additionally, Genesis has been indicating that they are preparing to develop a high-end sports vehicle of some description.

Whether this back-weighted hybrid power train is placed in a well-appointed saloon that can challenge the BMW 3 Series, an upscale sports car mixing it up with the Aston Martin DB12s, or just a zesty SUV coupe targeting Mercedes GLC 63 shoppers, a hybrid with rear-wheel drive appears to be a smart choice. We now simply have to see if Genesis will confirm this.

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