GM Abandons Super Bowl Ad for 2024

Expensive Ads Gone After 4 Years.

General Motors made quite a stir with their Super Bowl advertisement campaign in 2020, but they won’t be doing the same for the 2024 Super Bowl. A GM spokesperson spoke with Ad Age, but did not give an explanation as to why this was the case, simply stating, “We continually evaluate our media strategies to ensure they align with our business priorities.”

Last year, the Super Bowl was viewed by a historic high of superior to 113 million viewers, up from less than 100 million in 2022, therefore GM isn’t leaving yet due to the belief that the halftime show promotion is a misallocation.

It is confounding why one of America’s greatest automobile corporations isn’t making the most out of one of America’s most substantial publicizing chances? Regardless of advantages and commendation from media specialists, this expansive car maker stays reticent in its activities.

The answer is probably found in the money spent. According to the Wall Street Journal, the regular cost of a thirty-second TV commercial during the 2023 Super Bowl was more than $7 million. GM aired an ad which lasted longer than 60 seconds and enlisted Netflix’s assistance with the production, so one can imagine this was quite a costly endeavor. As if expenses weren’t already high enough, add in GM bringing Will Ferrell back plus additional expenses related to the making of the spot, along with the act of hosting such a large show, and it’s not hard to conclude that it would be an extremely pricey operation.

It’s quite conceivable that due to the huge viewership of the Super Bowl this year, even the administrators might be making a request for additional funds. Nonetheless, it looks like what GM is actually doing is taking a much more frugal stance with their budget by 2024.

It’s essential to make a point of the fact that the partnership with Netflix still carries on to provide GM with advantages as its electric automobiles keep popping up in motion pictures and shows on the streaming organization.

Despite the absence of Blazer during this year’s halftime show, we can expect other manufacturers like Kia and Volkswagen to continue to advertise throughout the period. The recent union-negotiated wages may have caused some financial distress to GM; nonetheless, this does not anticipate that no brand will partake every year.

It’s quite disheartening that GM won’t be around, as their automotive advertisements of recent have been a real rarity–some of the best out there.

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