See Christopher Walken and Usher in BMW’s Epic Super Bowl Ad!

Usher & Walken: The Ultimate Collaboration!

BMW has recently unveiled its complete one-minute ad, which is set to air officially during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVIII. The highly anticipated commercial was teased twice by the company before its full release. This marks BMW’s return to advertising during the Super Bowl after taking a break since 2022, when it aired an impressive ad starring the famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.During the upcoming Super Bowl event between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, viewers will get to see BMW’s latest advertisement. After much anticipation and two sneak peeks, the luxury car brand has finally revealed its full one-minute commercial. The last time BMW advertised during the Super Bowl was back in 2022, when they impressed audiences with a star-studded ad featuring the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The latest advertisement is titled “Talkin Like Walken,” featuring renowned actor Christopher Walken. In the ad, Walken can be seen going through his daily routine while driving a 2024 BMW i5, with the constant interruption of his hotel valet, tailor, makeup artist, and coffee barista mimicking his distinctive voice. The valet admires Walken’s i5 and he in turn praises the car as “the real deal; completely electric.”

BMW USA | Christopher Walken in "Talkin Like Walken" (ft. Usher)

After frustratingly hearing numerous impressions of himself, Walken takes a seat at a restaurant and coincidentally runs into a well-known guest star, the eight-time Grammy winner, Usher. During their conversation, both Walken and the waiter frequently say “yeah” in reference to Usher’s popular 2004 single featuring Ludacris. As they continue talking, Usher questions, “did someone say, yeah?” Walken cleverly responds with, “don’t you have somewhere else to be?” This sly remark alludes to Usher’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl halftime show. In a clever marketing move, BMW teased Usher’s appearance in their advertisement by showcasing Walken listening to Yeah! on his i5 with the high-quality Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

The commercial concludes with the narrator declaring, “there is only one Christopher Walken and there is only one Ultimate Driving Machine.” Walken himself chimes in, saying, “the rest are just imitations,” in reference to all the impressions featured in the advertisement.

Walken expressed his satisfaction with working alongside BMW, stating “I really enjoyed working with BMW, they are a wonderful company and electric cars are important.” He also eagerly anticipates the opportunity to showcase the collaboration they have achieved.

Usher expressed his gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl and collaborate with BMW, stating, “It’s an honor of a lifetime to perform at the Super Bowl and so great to work with BMW.” He also shared his positive experience while filming the commercial, saying, “Making the commercial was a cool experience, and I hope you all enjoy it.”

The advertisement is quite clever, however it does not provide much information about the i5 aside from it being the initial fully electric option for the 5 Series. In the commercial, Walken can be seen driving the top-of-the-line M60 version, which boasts two electric motors generating 590 horsepower. This enables the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 in a impressive 3.7 seconds. There is also a single-motor eDrive40 model available, which delivers 335 hp. For the 2024 season, BMW has introduced some updates to the line-up, including the xDrive40 variant with 389 hp that fills the gap between the eDrive40 and M60 models.

The cost for the 2024 i5 model begins at $66,800 and can increase up to $84,100 (excluding added features) for the M60 version shown in the commercial.

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