Commending America’s Prosperous Heritage: Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Campaign

VW’s Super Bowl LVIII Commercial: Don’t Miss It!

Volkswagen has announced its plan to be among the featured automakers in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII commercial with their latest ad, “An American Love Story”. To generate excitement before the highly anticipated game, VW released several 15-second teasers that are sure to delight longtime fans of the brand.

This year marks a special occasion for Volkswagen, as they celebrate 75 years in the United States. This milestone also happens to align with the 50th anniversary of their beloved Golf model. To mark this occasion, all teasers will showcase iconic VW vehicles, such as the renowned Type 1, better known as the Beetle. It is no coincidence that 2024 has been chosen as the ideal time for the Wolfsburg-based brand to increase its presence and appeal to American consumers.

The teasers also feature the iconic Volkswagen Type 2, commonly referred to as “the hippie bus,” as well as the first-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI and the fourth-generation Jetta.

Woodstock | Volkswagen | Big Game Teaser

After a ten-year hiatus, the brand’s debut Super Bowl advertisement aims to make a significant impression as it strives to sell 400,000 units in the US within the year. VW is seizing the opportunity of the massive audience that the prestigious sporting event attracts, with an impressive 115 million viewers tuning into the 2023 edition.

However, this privilege does not come cheap, as multiple reports have revealed that a mere 30-second ad would cost companies around $7 million in 2023. This could be the main factor behind General Motors’ decision to abstain from advertising during this year’s event, ending their streak of four consecutive Super Bowl ads.

Volkswagen’s upcoming advertisement will continue the theme of their 2014 commercial, “Wings,” which emphasized the trustworthy quality of their vehicles. However, this year it appears that the emphasis will shift towards nostalgia, as the company sets out to remind audiences of their long-standing presence in the fabric of American culture.

Volkswagen’s commercial is set to air during the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII on February 11. Joining in on the advertising frenzy are other well-known brands such as BMW and Kia. BMW is pulling out all the stops by enlisting the help of Christopher Walken and Usher to promote their latest electric BMW 5 Series. Meanwhile, Kia will showcase their all-new EV9 electric SUV in their ad. Both companies seem determined to make a lasting impression during this highly coveted time spot.

Surfers | Volkswagen | Big Game Teaser

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