Unleash the Toyota Tacoma’s Off-Road Prowess in Super Bowl Commercial

Redesigned pickup’s off-road prowess strikes fear in passengers

Toyota’s latest advertisement for Super Bowl LVIII will showcase the 2024 Tacoma, marking its debut in front of a massive audience. The commercial will highlight the impressive abilities of the new pickup truck when it comes to off-roading, as well as its robust turbocharged engines. The upcoming Super Bowl LVIII will be graced by Toyota’s newest addition, the 2024 Tacoma. This eagerly anticipated event will serve as the stage to demonstrate the remarkable off-road capabilities and formidable turbocharged engines of the fresh pickup truck.

The latest 30-second advertisement, titled Dareful Handle, features a variety of reactions from passengers during an exhilarating ride through the desert. As the Tacoma demonstrates its impressive abilities, the passengers can be seen frantically grabbing onto the handle on the passenger side. The ad, which cleverly poses the question, “Can you handle it?” captures the individual responses of the passengers as they shout out exclamations in reaction to the fast-paced driving.

Featuring striking footage of the Tacoma gliding through sandy deserts, conquering steep slopes, and maneuvering with ease, viewers will catch a glimpse of the impressive capabilities of the recently launched Toyota. This exciting commercial will air during the third quarter break, leaving audiences in awe of the pickup truck’s performance.

“Dareful Handle” | The all-new 2024 Tacoma | Toyota Super Bowl LVIII Commercial

In a rather amusing statement, acclaimed director Tarsem Singh revealed that the reactions of the actors in the Tacoma commercial were mostly authentic. He stated, “I had anticipated needing a lot of acting, but the Tacoma exceeded our expectations and all the reactions were captured live.” Singh was also the director behind Toyota’s Upstream commercial, which premiered during the highly anticipated 2021 Super Bowl LV. This is not the first time Toyota has featured their vehicles in a major advertising campaign, as two years prior they showcased the Tundra with a star-studded cast in The Joneses.

Coming across a light-hearted vehicle advertisement that doesn’t excessively hype up technology and features, but instead focuses on the joy of driving, is a breath of fresh air. Such commercials are scarce, especially with other industries cracking down on adverts that hint at speed or the thrill of driving. In this particular ad, we witness the Tacoma barreling through the desert, without any mention of practical specifics. With a clever touch of humor and undeniable desirability, Toyota will surely attract droves of potential buyers.

All New Tacoma | Undisclosed | Toyota Super Bowl LVIII

According to Mike Tripp, group vice president of Toyota Marketing, “We’re excited to utilize the strength of our product, our collaboration, and two renowned names to showcase the trail-conquering strength and renowned capability of the brand-new Tacoma during the highly-anticipated television broadcast of the year.”

If you plan to tune in to the Super Bowl on Univision, be sure to catch Toyota’s new advertisement for the Tacoma truck, titled Undisclosed. The spot is set to air during the first commercial break of the fourth quarter.

The latest Tacoma lineup is equipped with a potent turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, however, it is the highly sought-after i-FORCE MAX hybrid that truly stands out. With an impressive output of 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque, it’s no surprise that the passengers aboard the Dareful Handle were left shaken. Starting at a reasonable $31,500, the 2024 Tacoma models offer competitive pricing.

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