Golden Wheels and Stacked Pipes Elevate This Abarth 695

Anniversary Edition Hot Hatch from Fiat Tuner: Limited Run for 75th Year

Abarth has joined the trend towards electric vehicles with its 500e and600e, yet remains committed to producing powerful hatchbacks fueled by gasoline. The classic 695 is once again receiving a premium makeover, honoring the brand’s 75 years in existence with a new limited edition model.Since jumping on the EV bandwagon with the introduction of their 500e and 600e models, Abarth has continued to produce impressive hot hatchbacks that are powered by traditional gasoline. In celebration of their 75th anniversary, the longstanding 695 has been chosen as the latest recipient of their special edition treatment.

The latest addition to the Scorpion brand, aptly named the Abarth 695 75° Anniversario, breathes new life into a car that has been on the market for 16 years. Originally launched in 2008 as the 595 model, this high-performance version of the Fiat 500 boasts exclusive 17-inch wheels featuring a striking gold finish that is also present on the body decals. The graphics showcase a piston head design on the rear fenders and a prominent “Abarth” logo that spans almost the entire width of the doors. Completing the bold look is a sizable scorpion motif on the roof, also adorned in a luxurious gold hue.

If you have been keeping tabs on the brand for some time, you might recognize the Lexus-inspired exhaust design featuring stacked tips placed vertically. Initially appearing on the Abarth F595 in 2021, this distinctive feature has now made its way to other models as well. Most recently, the F595C received this uncommon exhaust configuration at the end of the previous year. The Record Monza exhaust, equipped with an active valve system that can modify the sound, is now available on select 595 and 695 trims.

The latest variant of 695 boasts a well-proven turbocharged 1.4-liter petrol engine, generating an impressive output of 180 horsepower and 184 pound-feet (250 Newton meters) of torque. This power is channeled to the front wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. With this traditional setup, the car can achieve a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h). Similar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata, this lightweight hot hatch is equipped with Koni FSD shock absorbers at both the front and rear axles.

The interior of the car is definitely displaying its years, however Abarth has made an effort to liven things up by using Alcantara to cover a section of the dashboard. The Sabelt carbon seats feature yellow stitching and the iconic “75° Anniversario” lettering, with a vintage-inspired design, is embroidered on the headrests. Despite the dated appearance of the cabin, it still offers all the necessary features such as automatic air conditioning, connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, dual 7-inch screens, and a premium Beats sound system.

Abarth plans to produce a limited amount of 1,368 cars. What’s the reasoning behind this specific number? It’s a deliberate tribute to the engine’s 1,368 cc capacity.

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