Gunther Werks Sticks to Manual Transmission; Automatic Not in the Cards.

Automatic Rev Matching: Crossing the Line?

During our time at ModaMiami, an exciting new event in Florida, CarBuzz was granted the exciting chance to test drive a unique vehicle – the Gunther Werks Speedster. This stunning Porsche 911 993 has been expertly remodeled by hand and can be seen as a roofless version of the 911 GT3 that would have been released if the 993 model was still on the market. We will be providing a comprehensive review of this remarkable car shortly, but meanwhile, we came across some fascinating insights into the Gunther Werks approach, derived from the company’s founder and CEO, Peter Nam.Nam’s vision for Gunther Werks is rooted in his passion for automotive artistry, as well as his deep admiration for Porsche. This is evident in the exceptional quality and attention to detail found in every aspect of the Speedster. From its sleek design to its powerful engine, every element has been carefully crafted and perfected to offer a truly unparalleled driving experience.As we cruised through the streets of Coral Gables, we couldn’t help but marvel at the seamless integration of modern technology with timeless design in the Gunther Werks Speedster. Nam’s philosophy of preserving Porsche’s iconic legacy while pushing the boundaries of innovation is clearly reflected in this masterpiece

The Speedster is propelled by a 4.0-liter flat-six motor, specially crafted by Rothsport Racing located in Oregon. This powerful engine features a twin-map Motec Engine management system, coil-over-plug ignition, individual throttle bodies, a billet crankshaft, and high-performance rods and barrels. With a maximum rev of 7,800 rpm, it unleashes a staggering 430 horsepower, which can be tamed by an H-pattern manual transmission.

According to Gunther Werks Miami’s head of marketing, Javier Roque, “Gunther Werks will always stay true to our roots and never produce a car with an automatic transmission.” Roque emphasizes that the absence of automatic downshift in their vehicles also means that there will be no driver aids included. He firmly believes in preserving the pure driving experience without any technological interference.

Transferring power from the impressive flat-six engine is a Getrag G50 six-speed manual gearbox, complete with personalized gears, a moderate-weight flywheel, and an enhanced single-plate clutch. Designed from milled aluminum, the shifter ensures a strong link between the driver and the exhilarating movements of the vehicle, with forceful shifts that demand a firm grip for every gear shift.

Mastering the top-hinged clutch pedal may require some time and effort, but that is exactly what Nam desires from this endeavor: the exhilaration that comes with executing a flawless upshift while the aggressive flat-six engine roars behind you. The Speedster boasts no assistance from traction control, relying solely on the immense traction of its oversized 335 mm rear tires.

Gunther Werks puts a strong emphasis on delivering a stripped-down, enjoyable driving experience. However, they are willing to make reasonable compromises when necessary. A prime example of this is their upcoming turbocharged model, which boasts a whopping 750+ horsepower and therefore needs a traction control system. We also inquired about the inclusion of a shift light in the tachometer, which would assist the driver in knowing precisely when to switch gears.

According to Roque, a representative from Gunther Werks, “If you are a privileged client, you can have anything that you want… in their realm.” This means that the company is dedicated to fulfilling the desires of their esteemed clients. However, beyond just catering to their clients’ wishes, Gunther Werks also values the relationship they have with their customers. As Roque states, “Ultimately, we care about having good clients who want to drive the cars and own them for a long time.” This highlights the company’s focus on building a strong and lasting connection with their clients, rather than simply making a sale.

We refuse to ruin the analysis, but it’s safe to state that the Gunther Werks Speedster lives up to the excitement.

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