Gunther Werks Unveils Pink 911 (993): European Launch Day

First Right-Hand Drive Vehicle Released

This past weekend was a significant one for Gunther Werks, the Porsche pros from California. The tuning business marked its inaugural show exhibiting away from the USA and also showed the roll-out of its first overall assignment for the European and British sectors. You can check out the rose-tinted Porsche 911 from the 993 production that is presented in the photo album beneath; it is also the company’s very first right-hand drive carriage, released at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Without a doubt, this one-off coupe is an awe-inspiring ride. It was manufactured between 1994 and 1998 before being completely renovated and modified by Gunther Werks according to their specs. Extensive carbon fiber enhancements as well as visual improvements were carried out. The eye-catching pink exterior is the most notable feature with the three-stage pearlescent metallic paint and its focal point, a carbon fiber stripe on the front hood. Other components such as the top of the rear spoiler, door sills and front bumper have also been granted exposed carbon fiber finishing.

A comparable assemblage of features can also be seen in the vehicle’s interior, although there is an abundance of carbon fibre accents as opposed to salmon hues. Situated in the passenger and driver seats are bolstered carbon construction seats upholstered in alcantara leather with a pink threading design. The same material and pigmentation combination characterize the steering wheel too. The instrument panel maintains the traditional layout of five rounds gauges, four illuminated in dark and a central one sporting a light-colored face.

No specifics have been revealed as far as powertrain optimization is concerned regarding the Porsche 911 993. Built by Gunther Werks, the former model was fitted with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter flat-six motor, capable of producing up to 700 horsepower (522 kW). During August of last year and during the ’23 edition of Goodwood Festival of Speed, another iteration of the 993 was on display, featuring the aforesaid engine coupled with a manual transmission of 6 gears.

Source: Gunther Werks on Instagram

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