Gymkhana Grid Back for 2021!

Gymkhana Event Postponed in 2019

Enthusiasts of the discontinued Gymkhana Grid will be overjoyed to hear that the popular competition is making a re-appearance, with Hoonigan proudly announcing its renaissance this year.

On April 3, a 12-hour livestream celebrated the life of Ken Block, who passed away in late 2020. The event also brought news that the nation is about to witness the return of the Gymkhana Grid. Brian Scotto, co-founder of Hoonigan Industries, was present at the stream but didn’t yet provide concrete details or a timeline for the next Race Series. However, Scotto did allude to its potential debut this autumn.

If you are interested in finding out about Gymkhana Grid, according to the motorsport firm it is an auto racing competition that has entrants completely running around a mirrored circuit trying to beat the clock. The trail is very sluggish and intricate but still motivates drivers to utilize vivacious swings.

A waitlist has already been put together by Hoonigan and they urge people to be quick in their actions, whether it’s to enter themselves or simply to get a look at the vibrant atmosphere around.

Ken Block's 4/3 Day! 24-Hour Content MARATHON Plus a BIG announcement (Part 1 of 2)

First held in 2010, Gymkhana Grid has sky-rocketed to fame within the automotive enthusiast world. Following a brief break in 2019, it appears that the event is about to make its return! Word on the street has it that several members of the Hoonigan team are already assembling vehicles for the occasion and are set to take part in the festivities. These builds will be followed closely by camera crews as part of a re-launched YouTube series.

“Are you ready to race? Then you have until the fall to get your car built,” we are informed. “Sign up now to get more information about [classes], what [kind of car] you should construct, and take a look at our project cars.”

The inaugural Gymkhana Grid witnessed former Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust and Daijiro Yoshihara become champions in the all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive categories, respectively. Steering a Fiesta, Foust contended triumphantly, with Yoshihara piloting a Nissan Silvia (S13).

Foust continued his success in 2013, when Gymkhana Grid was held at X Games Los Angeles. This motorised extravaganza has since then been witnessed all around the world, with the UK, South Africa and Spain providing a stage for these incredible competitions.

Across the years, multiple drivers who have steered cars such as the Subaru Impreza and Mazda MX-5 Miata, have had success and come out victorious in their specific categories at this occasion. The resurrection of Gymkhana Grid will astound fans who are supporters of Hoonigan and autocross and that is predicted to be far more awe-inspiring than any past events.

In reverence to Ken Block, the lamentable victim of a tragedy that occurred in January, the Hoonigan team created a petition with a dedication of making April 4th a national holiday to recognize the acclaimed mogul of motorsports. To date, it has already gained the support of over 8,100 people signing up.

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