Ken Block’s Last Electrikhana Film Before His Death

Farewell: Ken Block’s Last Electrikhana Video

This year, the Motorsport community was dealt a heavy blow with the sad news of the passing of American rally champion Ken Block. On January 2nd, 2023, the professional stunt, rally and rallycross driver died tragically in a snowmobile accident in Park City, Utah, at the tender age of 55.

Ken Block established the motorsport-inspired lifestyle label, Hoonigan, way back in 2011 and modified automobile culture with his collection of Gymkhana videos. Eventually in 2020, they held their final movie project with Block as the main actor. Just lately, a vid was posted on the Hoonigan YouTube account to reveal the commencement of Electrikhana TWO this December.

[HOONIGAN] Ken Block's Electrikhana TWO: The Trailer

Ken Block’s illustrious path through the realm of motorsport is fundamentally remarkable. Showcasing his enthusiasm for hauling and peerless technique, he got recognition not just as a competitor, but additionally as a motoring performer. Vying at the front of the pack in competitions such as the X Games and the Planet Rally Championship, he was viewed as one who stimulated each race with energy and captivated everyone with his extraordinary aptitude behind the wheel.

In 2011, Ken Block stepped up his enthusiasm for cars and motorsports when he initiated the motorsport lifestyle brand – Hoonigan. At present, it has become an inherent element of car lovers and is widely recognised for paying homage to motorsport, contests and delivering stunning contents. Being a worthwhile rally and rallycross driver, Ken Block’s ultimatum has empowered the purpose of Hoonigan and one of its most prominent achievements has been the series of Gymkhana videos created by him.

The word “Gymkhana” is used to describe a type of motorsport that requires drivers to be extremely precise while navigating a track with multiple obstacles. Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series has been a huge success, accumulating millions of views on the Hoonigan YouTube channel. He showcases his driving skills through impressive stunts and maneuvers in urban settings. It’s no wonder why these videos have been so well received!

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Recently, Ken Block partnered with German auto maker Audi to electrify the Gymkhana series. In October 2022, “Electrikhana” was released, showcasing a custom-made electric vehicle created and assembled by Audi. This 800-volt, two-motor, all-wheel-drive Audi S1 Hoonitron made its grand debut in a highly coordinated event which saw Hoonigan shut down one of the busiest metropolises on the globe – Las Vegas.

At this sad yet ceremonious time for supporters of Ken Block throughout the globe, an announcement has been made that he has one last unreleased movie. Nine months after his passing, the Hoonigan YouTube channel announced a preview containing never-viewed footage of Mr. Block and the Hoonitron.

Whilst the particulars stay secret, shooting does seem to have happened in Mexico City. Hoonigan plans to unveil the last film in December 2023. Ken Block’s enthusiasm and devotion for all matters car-oriented keep rousing generations of automotive fans globally, and this prevailing discharge from Hoonigan shall serve as a significant remembrance of his lasting reputation.

YouTube’s automotive channel Hoonigan has recently released an exciting new video featuring Audi as the star of their latest video series. The footage of the vehicle performing a variety of stunts is a real visual treat indeed.YouTube’s car-crazed content creators in the Hoonigan channel have recently unveiled an amazing clip including Audi driving all sorts of daredevil maneuvers. The stunning shots of the automobile maneuvering in the display are simply astonishing.

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