Ken Block’s Last Hurrah: Electrikhana Two in Mexico

Head Hoonigan’s Final Mexico City Shoot: Nov. 2022

Hoonigan has unveiled the last present from Ken Block: Electrikhana Two: The Mexico City Sessions–or, as it is now aptly renamed as One More Playground. This production was captured close to the end of November in 2020, almost a month preceding the unfortunate death of Ken Block from an unexpected snowmobile accident.

The first installment of Electrikhana had arrived a month prior to the starting of filming for the upcoming project, prompting Audi and Block to adjust the Audi S1 Hoonitron to perfectly fit Ken’s specific driving preferences. To highlight the magnitude of those changes, the car received simulated gear shifting capability.

We’ve already been exposed to this technology previously, and have regularly heard it promised as an approach to making EVs more compelling. However, in the case of the S1 Hoonitron, it was crafted to make it easier to manage. As you can observe in the video below, the simplified control has not made the final result any less epic.

[HOONIGAN] Ken Block’s Electrikhana TWO: One More Playground; Mexico City in the Audi S1 Hoonitron

The dubbed digital transmission, presenting racecar-like paddle shifts, enabled Ken to provision power more accurately. Earlier arrays would cause the wheels to go from 15 mph to 120 mph when the throttle was executed even slightly impulsively, leading to tire deformation. It is then surmised that Ken could carry through more stunts before necessitating a stop for new tires; the early Electrikhana witnessed him consuming in excess of 100 tire sets.

Block wanted to explore the special capabilities that exclusively come with a built electric vehicle, such as pulling off a stationary burnout using all four wheels and making them rotate in opposite directions. He also enjoyed rapidly switching from 4WD to RWD and reversing at different velocities, adjusting the virtual differential to modify the car’s handling too.

It would be imprudent to think that presently you could do burnouts with your Audi RS e-tron GT, however in the future it may indeed be feasible due to the Hoonitron.

Stunning visuals come to life in the film with renowned locations such as the Plaza de Toros, Museo Soumaya, and Benito Juarez International Airport. Yet nothing comes close to the incredible emotional reaction the final Ken Block Gymkhana construct evokes, and the ultimate tribute at the conclusion of the movie is authentically affecting.

The destiny of the Gymkhana arrangement lies in capable hands, however, nobody will ever displace the figurehead Hoonigan. We would have excitedly seen what he and Travis Pastrana had plotted for a joint film, and also what he in tandem with Audi could have achieved later on, yet despite the fact that his disappearance is so affecting, in any event his family will safeguard his unparalleled heritage.

Ken Block pioneered a course for content developers and auto fans alike, affirming that the only constrictions we have in life are those that we craft for ourselves. If we all commit to living life to its fullest breadth, like he did, then his legacy can be kept glowing as well.

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