H2 Toyota Crown Unveiled in Japan

Luxury Hydrogen/Hybrid Sedan Available

Whilst US customers have just become familiarized with the Crown moniker, the luxurious Toyota brand has extended a deep and varied exploration within its native country. Following 8 decades and various models, the 16th iteration has been unveiled to the public (in a hydrogen-powered version) at the Super Taikyu Fuji 24-Hour Race in Japan.

This is the initial public sighting of the Crown Sedan FCEV. Oddly, Toyota has not chosen to diversify the hydrogen-fueled version compared with the hybrid version; the only differences noted are distinct FCEV emblems attached to the front fenders and boot lid.

Toyota declared the launch of a hydrogen variant at the beginning of this year, nevertheless, they have yet furnished any dope or performance stats.

サプライズ実車公開!トヨタ クラウンセダン 実車詳細チェック by 島下泰久 × 難波賢二

Given that the all-new 16th-gen Crown Sedan derives from the same TNGA: GA-L platform underpinning the Mirai, we can anticipate that it should include the same hydrogen fuel cell set up as its counterpart. It would be nice if Toyota could improve upon the power we’ve seen in the Mirai; with merely 182 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque generated, these stats won’t stand Comparatively in the executive sedan class, where the Crown seeks to compete.

Individuals who need a more normal powertrain can rejoice that a hybrid alternative is also being provided. It can be confidently predicted that the Crown Sedan’s hybrid iteration will feature an output between 236 to 340 horsepower, akin to its Sibling Crossover.

The latest iteration of the Crown Sedan may be a matter of opinion, however, few could argue that it doesn’t look handsome. While its front grille might be relatively big, it is more pleasing aesthetically than that of several Lexus and BMW models. Sharing many design aspects with the Crossover seen in USA markets, this vehicle looks more regal thanks to some exclusive features.

If one is to be familiar with the Crown Sedan, then it is likely they have already viewed the vehicle and its three siblings before 2022. This brand new video will provide the luxury sedan enthusiast with a further intimate insight into the car. It’s sleekly designed with an elegant extended bonnet that merges perfectly with its slim headlamps and vivid lightbar.

The demeanor is additionally enchanting, partly on the grounds that it’s not conspicuously decorated like such countless autos in the official classification (here’s take a gander at you, Mercedes E-Class).

The regal Crown Sedan augments its image with turbine-styled 20-inch wheels that are doused in a sophisticated gray tint. Fascinatingly, rather than angling towards an aggressive look, the rear end is kept minimalist and clean, offsetting the expectation of a hatchback appearance with a more traditional trunk lid.

This Crown Sedan features an eye-catching design, with the celerity of the bonnet prominent in its back windscreen’s lower part. The back is curved and curvy, with the latest light arrangement cascading along to the sides of the car’s fenders. It might surprise you but this four-wheeled beauty is quite large measuring close to 198 inches long – a larger figure than that of both the Crossover and the 5 Series model it succeeds.

Rewording: Definitely worth it, the room within gives an abundance of space for occupants. Discussing the cabin, the Crown Sedan applies its core cockpit plan much like its sister model, the Crown Crossover; nothing wrong with that. The internal is loaded with crafted wood and great amounts of leather, as well as a variety of luxuries.

Take a close watch of the video; you’ll observe that the front seat can slide away and incline up to give extra allowance in the back. Information has still not been unveiled whether this model will be accessible in America, but we passionately anticipate that it does. It’s an unorthodox mode of luxury and is not intended for any form of racing.

It is disheartening to anticipate that this will probably go in another direction, as it would likely appear to trespass Lexus’ sector.

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