Hear A Hybrid VW Pickup Race for the First Time

Building a Monster Hayabusa: Progressing Steadily
Testing out our insane Turbo Hayabusa Pickup on the street!

For those of you who prefer a Do-it-Yourself approach, there’s likely a familiarity with the frustrations that accompany trying to get something to run the way that you desire. Thankfully, there is also a true gratification experienced when it all aligns just as intended.

The speed and easiness with which you can tackle the consolidated tribulations of this move depend on a few elements, not minimal in significance being the complexity of the job. Building one carburettor is one thing – yet constructing and combining carburettors on a flat 12-cylinder engine appears far more of a botheration. Let me get back on course.

For those tracking along with Rich Rebuilds’ Turbo Hayabusa Hybrid Volkswagen Rabbit Caddy Pickup build sequence, you know that the project has been a complex one. Over the previous few months, Rich and his group have been continually efforting to set all parts into place, preparing the modified vehicle until it works exactly as they hoped. Of course, some of this is visible through videos, but much labor has been performed behind the scenes.

After much effort, this video provides us with a lasting look at the Volkswagen Caddy stirrings up some major power from its turbocharged Hayabusa engine. Hearing it run, Rich remarks on how loud it appears even when it’s likely a quarter mile away. The sound accompanies the scene perfectly, however it remains unsure exactly how loud it was in person.

In any scenario, although there is still effort required, it is noticeably nearer to completion than ever before. If you have not beheld it until now, in the engine compartment there is an electric motor for slow velocity operation. Additionally, found centrally situated in the pickup bed, just after the cabin, is the turbo Hayabusa motor responsible for the hybrid blending.

re-carpet in the living room, painting every room in the house, and installing a new chimney.A maintained number of adaptations were put into this construction, comprising (although not restricted to): freshening the carpet in the lounge, decorating every chamber of the home, plus introducing a subject chimney.

Rich mentioned in his following video that the intent is to have the entire project finished and running as anticipated. We eagerly anticipate its conclusion.

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