Hear Porsche 911 GT3 Rally Cars Roar

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The Porsche 911 might not be the most practical choice for rallying on paper, yet in reality they’re some of the greatest cars ever to leave the pavement. The modern GT3 models, specifically, are especially delightful sights and sounds when they roar across routes in Europe.

Belgium Motorsport’s YouTube channel has presented us with a collection of all the Porsche 911 GT3s that they documented during the 2023 season, granting the privilege of being able to bask in nine-minutes of noiseless six-cylinder-ecstasy. This video, recorded at various meetings held in Belgium during the year, displays the rally-configured Porsches careering, leaping and speeding around obtuse corners, slim stretches, and straw bale barriers.

It is evident from the noises and velocity that a majority of these GT3s have been significantly tuned to function well beyond Porsche’s expected tarmacked areas. Concrete changes span from suspension modding to minor aerodynamics reconfigurations, shorter side mirrors, as well as sequential transmissions instead of the classical manual gearboxes.

Regardless of the changes made, these GT3s probably won’t go as fast as specialized all-wheel drive rally cars constructed expressly for the competitions. However, they certainly become a lot more entertaining when watched. Judging from how scarcely some of these Porsches are drifting, we deduce that the driving experience is likely even more pleasing.


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