Hearing Wrecked Ram TRX in Canyon? Prepare to Cringe!

Trapped by TRX Limits: A Case Study
TRX Falls Off A Cliff

We have encountered numerous difficult off-road extractions, yet this one stands out as particularly spectacular and frightening. This Ram 1500 TRX had to be hauled from a deep gulley after plummeting down an immense precipice. Astonishingly, the individuals managed to stay alive, but unfortunately the truck was not so lucky.

Moab Motorsports conducted the retrieval of the wreckage, which took place in the celebrated expanse of Moab, Utah. Seen on their YouTube channel, Trail Master, you first get a glimpse of the path down which the SUV tragically plummeted. Fellow adventurers – that crash was no laughing matter! Notice the mangled heap of twisted metal and rocks below? That used to be a TRX.

Retrieving the mangled TRX proved a difficult task, as simply tow it with a specialized all-terrain vehicle without consideration was not an alternative. To go across property outside of the main road and reach its last location, multiple approvals had to be acquired. The firm required to present a strategy on how to gather the truck while at the same time maintaining the surrounding holistically. And once everything was carried out, the firm had to make sure to make the land appear untouched by covering all tracks in order to dissuade any daredevil off-roaders from trespassing areas that are strictly forbidden.

A 34-minute clip portrays their success. Primarily, these brave men toiled to haul the TRX up the dell that it had sunk into. By doing so, they ensured that the environment was not adversely influenced as water normally etches the canyon over time.

The second step sees the firm’s specialized off-road towing vehicle making an entrance. With a compact wheelbase, it grants improved mobility but brings additional complexity when needing to pull something as large as the TRX. Controlling it is tough, particularly in hilly and stony areas. Yet, eventually, the Ram can be convoyed back onto the highway, where a traditional tow truck can assume control.

The driver of this Ram 1500 TRX and his pet were hurt, yet both are expected to heal completely. Considering this truck actually rolled off a gigantic cliff, it is remarkable that they are still alive. Whilst the vehicle was being towed, the window sticker of the Ram was located, displaying a cost of $96,185. As for the expense of the rescue, Moab Motorsports performed it at no charge.

Source: Trail Mater / YouTube

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