Hidden Camper: Gamer’s Dream Setup

Adding a Shower and Toilet: Next Step
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We adore customized motorhomes, since each one is unique and embodies the flair of the proprietor. As an illustration, Ryan Bell crafted a stealthy camper from a Ford Transit and has been living in it all year around. He decorated its external look with low-key features however, within he afforded it a celebrated entertainment center.

Bell christens his construct Megalodon, referencing the prehistorical leviathan. After disposing of all he possessed and fashioning a Ford E-Series so-called Great White for 3 grand, this was his second craft.

Megalodon is a labor of love in the making. Bell reveals to Motor1 that the cost for completing the whole undertaking should total around $35,000 when it’s finally done. That is a far cry from the pricetag of production-built vehicles like AEONrv’s model based off the Transit, costing $219,000.

There are some aesthetic refinements to the Megalodon’s exterior, such as adorning the side window with a adhesive design that allows those inside to have visibility outwards, yet prevents onlookers from observing what goes on within. Factored onto the roof is an array of 800 watts solar panels and fans for ventilation.

Walking in, one is astonished at the transformation of the interior. The wee kitchen area is furnished with an appliance that encompasses a microwave, convection cooker, along with an air fryer, alongside a three-stove range. There stands a metal sink, yet truth be told, Bell hasn’t got a faucet ready. He looks forward to including a larder for stockpiling as a part of potential time to come modifications.

The pairing of a sleeping area and leisure zone consume most of the back of the van. Bell affixes a monitor to the wall, and the desk has two stages that can be raised, enabling him to comfortably work when in bed.

“The thing I like the most about the van is its coziness when sleeping,” Bell informed Motor1. “It has blackout inside and is very silent because of all the insulation that was included. In my last van, the noise from the highway was really annoying at night, but in Megalodon, it’s not a problem at all.”

As a performing musician, Bell is able to accommodate his modest recording apparatus within the Megalodon. He’s hand-crafted a small cupboard which incorporates a guitar amp and near it stands a microphone on a separate stand. In terms of sound, he has a couple of speakers as well as an egregiously large subwoofer, relatively speaking for a van this size. When looking to play some video games, Bell can always access his Steam Deck, connecting it to the monitor for a variety of modern and classic titles, all while relaxing in bed.

Bell has an intrepid vision to construct a sliding wardrobe as potential growth for Megalodon. Moving it away from the wall would uncover a shower and a lavatory, which are amenities the van does not currently boast.

“When it comes to building a motorhome, insulation is key,” Bell advised Motor1. “It’s the most important part of the build if you want it to be as comfortable as a house. I have five-inch walls in mine and, contrary to what some commenters on the video may say, I don’t think that’s overkill.”

Source: Outdoors Embrace via YouTube

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