US Ford Transit Connect Discontinued After 2023, Europe Version Remains

Ford Cancels Mexico Production of Maverick, Bronco Sport

The Ford Transit Connect is a diminutive van which can get overlooked in the realm of mega pickup trucks and SUVs. It affords a flexible platform for professionals, conveying an incredible volume of freight or accommodating up to seven people. It is perfect as a handy work animal but has failed to attain popularity in the US. Reports of its expiration were already circulating, and today, Ford confirmed it wouldn’t be available in America after 2023.

As an operative and utilitarian automobile, the Ford Transit Connect is both acceptable and ordinary. Crafted in Valencia, Spain and originally introduced as a 2010 model to the US market, it displayed characteristics reminiscent of the pioneering Ford Fusion. Then, in 2012, the second-generation was launched, along with a revitalizing revamp in 2019. Before finally terminating their proposal, Ford sought to introduce another modified third-generation Transit Connect to the US.

Originally Ford wanted to shift production of the Transit Connect to the Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico, where it would have been paired with the Ford Maverick and the Bronco Sport. However, a press release has revealed that Ford has decided to scrap these plans due to their “efforts to reduce global manufacturing cost and complexity, alongside decreased demand for the compact van segment.”

The latest news is not at all unforeseen. Accountings regarding the Transit Connect’s cessation began in August of 2020 when Automotive News declared that “several individuals who were familiar” reportedly indicated Ford would terminate the model. Modest vans never truly flourished in the United States in comparison to other small trucks and SUVs, such as the Bronco Sport and Maverick. Ford’s choice upholds the conclusion which Ram, GM, and Nissan have made by withdrawing their dwarfing vans from the American market.

On Tuesday, it was verified by Ford that the Transit Connect would stay developed in Spain and sold widely around Europe. Apart from the Transit Connect, the American large-scale Transit van produced at their Claycomo site near Kansas City, Missouri, will proceed to be marketed in the US.

Source: Automotive News

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