Hide Infotainment Screens: 70% of Bentley Buyers

Specifying Rotating Display in Dash

It has taken more than three exhaustive years to engineer the sophisticated Bentley Rotating Display, however, it seems those efforts have surely paid off. Despite being an expensive add-on that clocks in at a lofty $6,000 price tag, the majority of consumers have made the choice to incorporate it into their opulent builds – an impressive 70%.

It certainly justifies the expense because it consists of a total of 153 discrete parts, all of whose faces have been precisely set into place with homogeneity of approximately 0.3 millimeters. As observed below, one side is smooth and polished, one bears three classic meters, and another sports a digital touchscreen.

Bentley Demonstrates Brilliant Rotating Dial Display

The touchscreen measures 12.3 inches and serves as an infotainment interface. The three analog gauges present readings of the exterior temperature, a compass, and a chronometer; still, how does one switch between these options?

Bentley elaborates that three connected motions are mandatory, beginning with the retracting of the display into the dashboard to enable clearance for the subsequent stage – spinning. This intricate operation is conducted by 40 movable components including drive units and gears monitored by a specific ECU. Indeed, the dashboard even has its own central processing unit strictly dedicated towards changing the displays; such innovative efficiency explains why there is still an impressive 70% of clients that highly valued the system three years ago.

This year, Bentley earned distinguised recognition from the Automobile Awards jury for its accomplishment. 2023 even celebrates the two-decade landmark of the 6.0 liter twin-turbo W12 motor and it happens to be the previoud-to-last year of production, as the latest model will be constructed by April 2021 in anticipation of their full-electric line-up by 2030.

Although it may be sad news that Bentley is phasing out its iconic W12 engine, there is still some good news as the company has promised a “dramatic send-off” for the engine. So, keep an eye out for a potential special edition, likely based on the Bentley Batur, which is already a special car. This edition will be the most powerful W12 ever produced, boasting 740 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

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