High-Priced Auction for Customized Aston Martin DB6

Stunning in Scarlett: A British Grand Tourer’s Magnificent Appearance

An exquisite 1966 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage is currently available for purchase on Bring A Trailer. This stunning grand tourer is hailed as one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars ever created, yet it tends to be overshadowed by its renowned forerunner, the DB5.

When examining this particular car, it may be difficult to understand the reason behind its appeal. Manufactured in a striking red color, chassis 2805/R was originally purchased by a British client on June 29, 1966. It was actively driven in gatherings hosted by the Aston Martin Owners Club during the 1970s and underwent a comprehensive refurbishment in the late 1990s. Managed by Ian Mason Aston Martin Services located in London, the car was repainted in the striking red shade displayed today, and its inline-six motor was enlarged to 4.2 liters.

The crimson color of the exterior provides a striking contrast to the sleek chrome accents, bumpers, and 15-inch Dunlop wire wheels on this car. Positioned on top are Vredestein Spring Classic tires in exchange for the previous ones. In 2017, the Girling disk brakes received a full restoration, ensuring a smoother and less daunting driving experience in the DB6.

Besides the heightened capacity, changes were made to the 4.2-liter motor in order for it to operate with unleaded fuel. The car has been properly maintained; in more recent times (2017), the head of the cylinders underwent machining, and the triple carburetors were restored. Two years later, the voltage regulator and engine mounts were substituted, and the alternator was overhauled. A dyno examination conducted in 1998 displays a power output of nearly 300 horsepower, which is considerable for a vehicle manufactured in the late ’60s.

In contrast to contemporary Aston Martins like the DB12, the DB6 Vantage utilizes a five-speed manual gearbox to deliver power to the rear wheels.

As soon as you step into the DB6, you are transported back in time. You won’t find any modern carbon fiber or lightweight materials here; instead, you’ll be greeted by cream leather seats, plush carpeting, and stunning dials. The driver’s seat is occupied by a grand Moto-Lita steering wheel with a wooden rim, giving a clear view of the Smiths clocks which boast an impressive 180 mph speedometer.

Despite its elderly status, the DB6 offers many features that are now considered standard in contemporary vehicles. These amenities include electric windows, a radio, and front seatbelt holders. Being a car originally supplied in the UK, the steering wheel is positioned on the right side, meaning American purchasers may need to adjust to driving on the opposite side of the car.

As of the time of authoring, the top offer for the DB6 Vantage was at $120,000. However, with nine days remaining, we anticipate the value to increase significantly before the sale closes. These exquisite vehicles are seldom available for purchase, but immaculate versions fetch upwards of $300,000. Whether this will be true in this case is yet to be determined; although, it should be noted that this particular model has been driven for 78,000 miles, which is a considerable amount for a car of its caliber.

If, for any given cause, you desire an environmentally-friendly alternative, Lunaz presents an electric modification of the DB6 Vantage’s drivetrain.

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