Electric Aston Martin DB6: Nut & Egg Shell Interior

Recycled Mats: Carpet and Net Blend.

While some of us are still hoping that synthetic fuels will be the savior of internal combustion engines, Lunaz has a different opinion. The British aftermarket company, specializing in giving classic cars a new lease on life through electric conversions, has completely transformed a beautiful British coupe. This DB6 is said to be “the most sustainable Aston Martin ever created,” having lost its straight-six engine and replaced it with an EV setup.

It is amongst the mere 1,788 vehicles constructed between ’65 and ’70 when the DB6 was being produced. The wonderful Aston Martin grand tourer formerly possessed a 4.0-liter fuel engine with 282 horsepower but it now has 375 hp courtesy of an electric motor. Lunaz didn’t disclose any particular details regarding the car’s battery nevertheless we do know they possess 80-120 kWh packages with around 255 miles of range together with quick-charging ability.

The environmental conscientiousness of the DB6 does not only come from its electric conversion. It boasts a wide array of sustainable materials utilized inside. The control board, gear changer, and handle on quarter window have been crafted with a wholly pure biodegradable composite material. The construction essentially comprises repurposed eggshells and nut shells fused along with a decomposable binding agent. Additionally, door cards were draped in a bio-based polyurethane fabric composed of plant-derived materials.

When it comes to the upholstery, Lunaz has gone all out to ensure no harmful chemicals are used. The combination of recycled cotton, polyester, rayon, and nylon makes for a comfortable and eco-friendly ride. To add to this, apple pomace, a by-product of cider, juice and compote production, is used for the leather accent piping on the seats, door cards, and headliner. Furthermore, the carpets use regenerated nylon for the upper part and recycled plastic bottles for the bottom. To top it off, some of the other surfaces are covered with the “world’s lowest-carbon leather,” which is a completely biodegradable byproduct of the meat industry.

One can surely envision, that such a luxury isn’t inexpensive. Hence, the price tag for an Aston Martin DB6 EV from Lunaz is roughly about £650,000; converting to $815,900 according to today’s exchange rate.

Source: Lunaz

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