Honda Civic EG Rears Type R Power

92 HP Insufficient: New Amount Revealed

The Honda Civic Type R has crossed numerous generations, however the primary model to gain the red-badged treatment was developed off the sixth-generation Civic EK; If you want the fifth-gen EG style, you must fabricate one for yourself which is exactly what LHT Performance achieved in their newest undertaking.

The inaugurated automobile was a pristine Civic Hatchback VX, looking practically like a time capsule. The purpose of the build is to achieve an OEM+ aesthetic, sustaining the native look of the EG hatch while providing it with a spacious inventory of modifications underneath for improved handling of more potent power.

Civic VX B18C Type R Build

The crew was swift to begin the engine replacement by readying the B18C from the DC2 Acura Integra Type R. To increase reliable performance, it went through a refinement process, but still continues with the standard pistons. Moreover, new original-equipment piston rings were fitted, and the head was rebuilt and slimmed down by five-thousandths of an inch, granting a compression ratio near 11.5:1. Additionally, a Skunk2 valvetrain of Tuner 2 cams and a special intake manifold have been equipped. The catalyst was customized to accommodate a 70mm throttle body with opened check valves for improved airflow.

In addition to the engine swap, the group switched out the hatchback’s OEM suspension for Koni shocks and Skunk2 springs. An Exedy clutch kit was also added, substituting the previous clutch disc and pressure plate. Furthermore, the vehicle’s transmission and finite slip differential were given fresh maintenance.

Various updates have been applied to the hatchback, including a custom Alpha radiator, Skunk2 4-2-1 header, high-flow G-sport catalytic converter, and Revel Medallion Touring-S catback exhaust setup. Moreover, the vehicle has acquired a customized cold air intake as well.

The B18 motor was fitted with Honda S2000 injectors and a fuel pump to make modifications for greater power. The S2000 components are loyal to the basic construct of the model, and as straightforward bolt-ons for the engine, they have contributed to an increase in horsepower. According to an evaluation on the dynometer, this Civic hatchback had 202 wheel-horsepower and 197 pound-feet of torque – though it’s not as forceful as a K24 powered Civic, it still provides significantly more than the factory point of 92hp.

For some aesthetic alteration, LHT has endowed the Civic hatchback with a refreshed front lip and an assemblage of new Enkei wheels and tyres. This is a judiciously designed build, having all the essential components, and we trust to view it hitting the circuit in the near future.

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