Honda Civic Type R Reborn with eBay Parts

Nitro Kit: Sporty K20 Hatchback

eBay can be a go-to source, regardless of people encountering a few suspicious automotive wares. Fast Car’s YouTube page is displaying their ability to do something extraordinary: an immature FN2 Honda Civic Type R metamorphosis project! With their perception, they successfully reconstruct the entire car from front to back.

According to the constructor, the automobile was finished in a total of six months. The outcome appears to emulate a distinct Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) style with novelty luminescent lights added on underneath. Those add to the savor of the unique three-holed pilgrimage rims shod in Yokohama tires with red frills, providing the bottom part an invigorated touch.

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The body of this Civic Type R hatchback is enveloped in its signature shade of white (Commonly known as Championship White). The black accents on the hood, roof and sections of the exterior like the side mirrors, door handles and fuel cap cover emphasize the car’s sleek body with carbon fiber trimmings. All these pieces have a delightful high gloss finish.

Concealed within, there lies a 2.0L K20 Honda motor, yet the yield numbers remain a mystery. For perspective, this powertrain creates around 200HP from the factory. Once construction was complete, it was fitted with a Nitro kit, an altered exhaust, an advanced intake system, and a high-capacity radiator. Were it to be set up on a dyno, we may anticipate improved productivity. Finally, the engine cover is newly painted as well as complemented with carbon fiber elements.

The FN2 Honda Civic Type R is fitted with a Tein coilover suspension system, Tarox’s big brakes package and a notably high-profile wing, which all work together to enhance the car’s capabilities on a track. Inside, the interior was especially designed for maximum agility, featuring Sparco seats that are perfectly complemented by a harness bar to ensure security when using safety belts. Additionally, it’s been fitted with a state-of-the-art stereo system and an up-to-date infotainment display.

Fast Car did not disclose the overall expenditure for the project. Though, searching eBay could be helpful in finding a suitable component within a desirable budget range. A fair cautionary note is to be alert as certain car parts can cost as lofty as $17,700 for say, an engine.

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