Honda Races Civic e:HEV at Tokyo Auto Salon

Mysterious Aero Parts Adorn Aggressive Silhouette

Honda is set to unveil a new hybrid-powered race car at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, simply dubbed the “Civic e:HEV”. The brand’s Auto Salon teaser website only gives us a glimpse of the car’s outline, leaving much to the imagination. As of now, details about this vehicle remain scarce.

The moniker makes it abundantly clear that there is some kind of association with the Civic Hybrid that was unveiled in October, although based on the form, we can safely assume that little to nothing has carried over from the actual vehicle.

“The Beast” was an 800-horsepower IndyCar-powered CR-V Hybrid created by Honda last year. It was a wild ride, with a large splitter, aggressive skirts, a low stance, widened arches, a large diffuser, and a huge rear wing. Now, it looks like Honda has done it again with another car that looks just as vicious.

Referring to Honda magic, there will be a multitude of vehicles presented by Honda at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Ranging from the Civic Type R GT concept car and the Civic Type R CNF-R built for endurance racing, to the HCM Super N-One kei motor vehicle and the traditional S800 race car. Not forgetting the modified Civic Type R that is set for the Super Touring ST-2 class races.

On exhibit will be open-wheel cars containing Honda power. Of note is the triumphant Formula 1 automobile from 2023, dubbed the Red Bull RB19 (this will be seen in ‘show car’ guise), plus the #16 Red Bull Motul Mugen SF23 Super Formula auto.

At the gathering, a selection of race cars from the Honda Motor Company will be featured, alongside the Accord e:HEV Sports Line. This model includes 19-inch wheels and aerodynamic elements that are painted in black. The WR-V Field Explorer concept, which serves to convert the crossover from Japanese Domestic Market into a more robust, adventure-ready automobile, is also being exhibited.

Ultimately, Mugen offers two body kits for the Civic Type R – the toned-down Gr.A and the bolder Gr.B. Each package features a sizable wing, bespoke front lip, and side skirts.The more hard-hitting option of the two adds upon these components by providing vents on the fenders and a hood with significantly more air flow.

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