HPA Produces 50 Golf R VR6 Turbo Models

Golf R Gets More Grunt and Wookie Noises!

A few moons back, celebrated Volkswagen tuner HPA Motorsports declared that a turbocharged VR6 crate engine overhaul is ready for the Golf R with as much as 550 horsepower, and now its start of production of this highly-juiced hot hatch has finally been initiated. Only fifty models of the modification, dubbed as the HPA VR550T, will be created, every one achieving the same amount of torque as HP from the narrow angle V6 engine, an engine which Volkswagen halted early in 2023.

Nevertheless, the powerplant implemented by HPA is not a rendition that most Americans will be familiar with; and rightly so. Owing to its weaker bulk as compared to the North-American 3.6-liter unit, the 2.5-liter VR6 (with engine code DDKA) was preferred for multiple causes.

A post put out by HPA Motorsports (@hpamotorsports) was exhibited on social media.

The DDKA was designed primarily for the Chinese market, and as a result of the often inferior fuel quality there, it was constructed to be overly resilient. This in turn made it able to stand up to improvement and maximization of performance. Volkswagen even thought about taking the engine and applying it elsewhere at one point; however, the speculated Arteon R VR6 never became a reality.

For your Golf R to be eligible for HPA’s transplant, it must be a model constructed between 2018 and 2019 featuring a DQ381 DSG transmission. Your performance hatchback will then gain a custom HPG hybrid turbo, HPA tri-flow camshafts, a custom head with modified valves, an HPA intake and downpipe combination, an HPA 76 millimeter-valved exhaust, an OEM MPI fuel rail booster, and a new low-pressure fuel pump with an integrated standard controller. To boot, the installation will benefit from an HPA Performance Series bolt-on intercooler for improved breathing capabilities.

This exhausts the engine, however, further effort must be taken to make this work just as one would expect from a factory build.

An improved dual-clutch gearbox receives additional clutch packs to handle the increased amount of turbocharged torque for optimum performance. All points and pressures have been closely adjusted through CNC tech, allowing the torque profiles to stay consistently suited. Additionally, the stock ECU is modified, promising the same safety measures as ever, whilst adding OEM levels of drivability. Furthermore, complete integration with UDS CAN bus will mean no dashboard notifications or unavailable functions.

The finishing touches to the transformation can be found in the personalized carbon fiber engine cover, assorted VR550T emblems and logos, as well as inscribed plaques inside both the cabin and the engine compartment.

The website of the tuner notes that the fabrication costs for these conversions begin at less than $40,000 with labor included. Of course, this does not include the expense of procuring the Golf R, which is not particularly inexpensive, but perhaps the privilege of hearing the VR6 rumble after Volkswagen has dropped it is worth the monetary investment.

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