VW ID.2: All-Electric Golf Previewed

Golf to Have Electric Model in 2025

Volkswagen recently unveiled their fresh concept of a compact car worth below €25,000 ($26,000) — named the ID.2. Reportedly, in 2025 it will come to fruition. Have a peek at the image down below and you will observe it appears strikingly like a Golf version. We have been informed that Volkswagen intends to replace the ID.2 label with the Golf emblem. So, we can soon anticipate the emergence of a brand-new all-electric Golf vehicle, yet its status has not been confirmed officially.

The new MEB Entry platform is set to bring a vehicle that is both “as spacious as a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo.” It will offer the same front-wheel drive experience as the traditional Golf, yet have a smaller footprint, allowing for ample interior space. This means that you can enjoy the same amount of room as a Golf, but with the price tag of a Polo.

The concept/next-generation Golf is set to be powered by a 166-kilowatt (223 horsepower) motor, which Volkswagen has called powerful. According to the automaker, it will be able to reach 60 mph in less than seven seconds (0-62 mph officially rated at 6.9 seconds). While this may not sound particularly fast, the non-GTI/GTX variant of the EV will be equipped with a “particularly efficient drive battery” that Volkswagen claims will have a range of 279 miles using the European WLTP rating. The EPA rating is expected to be lower, likely around 240 miles.

Volkswagen professes that their most recent charging technology has the potential to quickly bring the battery to 80% capacity in a twenty-minute duration. However, this could only take place with the availability of plentiful power-supplying chargers by 2025.

ID.2all previews Volkswagen’s new design language, which appears to be more of an evolutionary step than a revolutionary one – and it’s a pleasing look at that. According to Volkswagen, the new design language has a “powerful stance on the wheels, a friendly face, a good portion of dynamics and timeless elegance.”

Volkswagen is putting a lot of emphasis on interior technology, an area in need of improvement. The diagonal touch display measures 12.9 inches, while the system itself has a completely redesigned menu structure. The HVAC controls are always visible, running along the bottom of the display. Rather than a volume knob, Volkswagen has opted for a “practical small thumbwheel” to adjust the volume.

The remarkable capacity of storage can be attributed to Volkswagen’s commitment to front-wheel drive, with various convenience elements included such as retentive device holders equipped with inductive charging technology. A spacious 440-liter cargo space plus an adding 50 liters behind the foldable back seat increases its overall storage to 1,330 liters when stowed away.

Volkswagen has recently unveiled some impressive new technology features for their vehicles, such as a partly-automated driving system called Travel Assist, LED matrix headlights, 3D LED tail light clusters, and ID.Light – which they have described as “intuitive light signals for the driver.” This new technology is designed to make the driving experience easier and more enjoyable for drivers and passengers alike. The Travel Assist system uses sensors and cameras to monitor the surrounding environment, allowing the car to adjust its speed and acceleration accordingly. The LED matrix headlights provide a wider field of vision for drivers and the 3D LED tail light clusters give the car a more modern and stylish look. Finally, the ID.Light system uses light signals to help drivers navigate and stay aware of their surroundings. All in all, Volkswagen has created a suite of technology features that promise to make driving more efficient and enjoyable.

In general, we’re appreciative of what we’ve witnessed. Sadly, the conventional Golf is no longer available on the North American market. Fortunately, the GTI and Golf R still live on. Taking into account that the ID.2all concept functions as a standout prelude to the coming Golf, one really starts to daydream about what a future GTI and Golf R could appear as.

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