Volkswagen Golf R 333 Limited: 333HP, Semi-Slick Tires

Competing Against Type R and GR Corolla – Golf R’s Challenge

The recently launched Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 has been given a special edition moniker, labeled the Golf R 333. In compliance with its 333 metric horsepower (equivalent to 328 horsepower on SAE measurements), this singular iteration is going to be strictly restricted to 333 models worldwide – and confirmedly none of them will end up in America. This situation of events is disheartening, mainly due to its potential for competing with modern hot hatchback models such as the Honda Civic Type R and Toyota GR Corolla.

Aside from the 13-horsepower increase, the Golf R 333 is also notable for its Lime Yellow Metallic paint, a color that has not been available on the standard Golf R. VW has offered a similar hue called Pomelo Yellow Metallic on the Golf GTI in the past, but never on the Golf R. The bright paintwork is complemented by black 19-inch Estoril wheels with semi-slick tires from the factory, a black roof, and “333” badging on the fenders.

The beginning cost is 76,410 Euros ($81,400 at the present exchange value), and they anticipate starting deliveries in September 2023.

This Golf presented by Volkswagen is the most potent ever, with its standard AWD system enabling it to accelerate from 0-62 miles per hour in a mere 4.6 seconds. This performance is equal to that of the European Golf R 20 Years edition, and the top speed has been increased to 168 mph. To make the 2.0-liter turbocharged EA888 engine even throatier on the 333, VW has featured an Akrapovic R Performance exhaust system. Unfortunately, this isn’t obtainable in the US market. As such, we hope that VW looks into making this result available as an option.

This exceptional variant has been upgraded to feature the R-Performance Torque Vectoring along with Vehicle Dynamics Manager, relating to a torque shift between the vehicle’s left and right rear tires; a drift mode is also included. VW has additionally optimized the engine of the restricted edition Golf R for a more instantaneous response, allowing for an accelerated take-off.

Within the truck, there is a black Nappa leather sport seat. The cabin looks basically like most other Golf R editions, however, these special variants secure a numbered plate of 333 on the boards. VW has habituated to do this with limited editions such as the GTI and GLI Fahrenheit.

“The Golf R 333 Limited Edition is of great significance to our brand,” Peter Jost, head of marketing and sales for the Volkswagen R sub-brand, declared. “It’s precisely these limited and high-performance vehicles that give the Volkswagen R brand a boost – they are genuine head-turners and quite appealing. Every customer can be certain that they have a very rare vehicle and a potential collectible in their garage.”

VW USA provided a Golf R 20th Anniversary Edition to the US market, which fell extremely short in comparison with its European version. We can only earnestly trust that if VW USA discloses something equally as attractive in the US, it will not be as dismal as the former one.

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