Hundreds Gather for Japan’s Hotrod Lovefest

Globalization of US Car Culture

The Hotrod auto community has always been link with the United States, yet the current 31st Yearly Yokohama Hot Rod Tailored Show 2023 gave proof that the appreciation of US-made vehicles has become widespread.

This inquisitive motor show concentrates on vehicles of the United States domestic market (USDM), mostly traditional cars that have been refurbished and modified to near excellence. It likewise flaunts a diverse mix including custom Harley Davidsons, choppers, drag-spec Ford Model T assemblies, and Japanese branded chariots with an American spin.

This visual below zooms in on the brilliant moments of an auto display. Right off, a striking yellow-tinted Buick LeSabre grants us a stirring beginning. This belongs to Shige Suganuma, who serves as the proprietor of the car exhibit.

USDMs Take Over Yokohama - Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show 2023

The vehicle was delivered via a flatbed, featuring a complimentary quantity of chrome, an abysmally-positioned carriage and hardly any adjustments diverging from the foremost 2nd-class LeSabre. It’s a two-door convertible accompanied with a hardtop, made available in 1962.

Likewise revealed at the occasion was a brown-hued Ford Falcon displaying the same lowered stance as the LeSabre. While we are not certain if this one has genuine lowrider equipment with hydraulics and air suspension, it interestingly includes wood panels into its construction.

Novel and remarkable, a unique modified convertible pickup truck constructed on the frame of a 1950 Chevy is an example of custom craftsmanship. Sitting low to the ground and exhibiting a rounded body typical of the V12-powered Dubonnet Hispano-Suiza H6B Xenia, its beauty is reminiscent of the Art Deco era. This creation is an ancestor to the modern day workhorses like the Colorado and Silverado.

Pickup trucks gleamed from the center of the proceedings. Notable examples included the Chevrolet 3100, Ford F-100, and an old GMC Truck with a radiant yet earthy tone of either pink or brown, along with a flatbed which was made of wood.

It’s clear that we could easily name numerous captivating vehicles, so why not let you pick out your dearest? To portray it adequately, as one particular person commented in the video, this celebration of automobiles is a distinct proof to show how much the Americans and Japanese truly appreciate each other’s respective domestic rides.

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